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Winding Roads: Where's it at today?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Every year across the country newspapers like to dedicate an issue to the top news stories that they covered the previous year. This paper is no exception. The same is true for TV stations with programs at the local and national level.

I listened to one of our Sioux City TV stations presentation of their top stories and I thought how pathetic it was that their top story was the arrest of a drug dealer. I'm thinking it could be in the list but surely not number one. Hasn't Sioux City had more positive things happen in the last year?

For one thing they have been building schools (which probably were needed) at an astonishing rate that has been made affordable with every tax dollar we spend in Sioux City. It just goes to show what sales tax can do for a community.

A mini editorial in the journal reflected many folks' opinion when it comes to spending dollars for a new parking ramp downtown as how many places are there to truly draw folks to that area?

I think county seats towns and others are losing their customers to Sioux City, Sioux Falls and Omaha. How else could their tax receipts swell so. I never thought I'd see the day when several medium size towns are struggling like never before with all their might to keep businesses on main street strong.

We have such an abundance choice of places to shop and eat. We get in our vehicles and go without thinking how much we are giving these communities. I mentioned in a previous column that one needs to consider purchasing local even when paying a few dollars more. Local businesses support the local economy---cities do not.

Getting back to top stories, since moving to town and participating in cable TV, I think I could do away with the repeated stories of the cruelty exhibited during Saddam's hanging. In a perfect world, those folks should have showed their better side. Reality is that their emotions apparently got the best of them after all the fear and deaths Saddam created when in power. Give those folks a break and be glad he is gone.

As I have also said before, it seems the national media focus on a story for the week. Never mind that the rest of the world is still turning with natural disasters, disease, poor neighborhoods and schools and so forth.

We had a guest in our home over the holidays and he denounced the national reporters for newspapers and TV as liberal----, well I best not repeat it here. He started in on the New York Times and the Washington Post and my beloved Tom Brokaw was included. I started defending some of these folks but when I saw the guy on TV who raised the issue of Saddam's hanging, I saw liberal printed in huge letters across his shaggy beard which was enough hi- lighted with a head of hair that would be perfect on a shaggy dog. Enough said.

I'll be watching the news and hoping to read about this great new Congress and see if anyone is going to be any more responsible in spending our tax dollars. What about New Orleans and Alabama? How about more details on Afghanistan's progress? What percentage of Baghdad has been restored? How far have they come to restore electricity or whatever? Isn't their anyway to measure some progress in figures?

Perhaps we shouldn't be up in arms over the death toll that we constantly keep hearing. It isn't anywhere near what Vietnam cost us in human life. Now doesn't that make you feel warm all over?

How does all these sentiments come together? Americans as a whole are too spoiled and too selfish. Yes, this country does give and give but so much more could be done if we'd put our shoulders to the wheel. During World War II there was rationing which created sharing amongst neighbors, friends and family. They were tighter with the dollar by not buying frivolous items. Our parents made sure money was there for the basic needs of folks they knew and they worked diligently. They had a sincere appreciation of the correct priorities. I just don't know if that is here today.