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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Winding Roads: Our leaders love pork

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I am still wondering who to believe.I have no idea of whether 21,000 more troops would turn the tide in leading to success in Iraq.

I'm just puzzled why the national TV networks haven't tried to do more in-depth reporting of what society is like in Iraq. Some claim that it is only a small area, like Baghdad, where the root of the problem is. Why wouldn't one network steal the thunder and make an effort to show the average person's neighborhood and what life is like on the streets? What about schools? An interview with business and shop owners would be interesting. What about industry? How are the oil fields running? What about electricity and running water? What entertainment is there?

You just don't see much of life as it's going on in during the war at any one time. Although I felt the President was trying, on the face of things,during his State of the Union speech, to come across as being willing to work with others, those moments were fleeting.

At the same time, there are about eight Democrats who have declared they want to be President, and around five on the Republican side. Just think about how far out this is before we cast our ballots for the next president. Now ask yourself why start a campaign already? Most of these politicians want to raise many dollars, that is why.

Each are hoping that their announcement will discourage the next person who is toying with the idea of running. That's why it can either really amuse you or make you sick that these folks think they will be a magnificent leader. They have to be full of themselves. Remember the saying, "Pride goeth before a fall?"

Hillary thinks she is all powerful, because she's a female, and survived Bill's antics in the White House. One does have to admit she is as loyal as one can be in the face of adversity.

Barack Obama may be a star, and "the" candidate as far as Oprah is concerned. But truly, what experience does he have? I really haven't heard any great solutions from him on any of the numerous problems our country has. These two think they are in the lead because one is a woman, and the other has black skin.

Remember the millions of dollars it takes for these folks to seek the office. It is just too much. Campaign reform is at the bottom of Congress's clean-up campaign.

It's sad that they aren't busy enough coming up with some answers to solve problems, rather than devoting hours on how to get themselves elected President.

Speaking of clean-up, what happened in the South? They might feel like seceding from the Union, and I don't blame them. You would too, if a major disaster of the magnitude of Katrina happened here, and wiped out our homes and businesses. There is still organized chaos down there. I understand mobile homes that we purchased with our tax dollars are sitting empty. Streets and utilities are being replaced, but they haven't begun to clean up in many places yet. Can you imagine the filth and mess left behind? Talk about a depressing environment.

Wouldn't it make you feel like your fellow Americans didn't care if you existed? Yet we seem to have money and support for many other nations in this world. I'm not saying not to help other countries, but gosh, get it organized in the South.

Start with cleaning up the rubbish, and come up with a disaster defense for that area. Make regulations where folks can build homes or businesses and get on with it.

I think the person I would like to vote for is someone who will stand up and give an honest appraisal of things, regardless of where the chips might fall. That person might actually become a leader by leading. Today's politicians, for the most part, are just trying to take home the bacon and protect their hide. You talk about lousy role models to rally our youth and get them to want to serve others.

Democrats who are saying "no" to Bush, ought to think why they are saying "no." They have a moral obligation to not necessarily follow their party line. They aren't jumping up with any other solution in Iraq, other than to withdraw. A "no" vote should be followed by an exact account of what to do, and then the acceptance of responsibility for that vote.