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Winding Roads: Taking matters for granted

Friday, February 9, 2007

Many of us take many things for granted. Just because we perceive or handle certain situations in what we believe is a responsible manner, it doesn't mean others do. There are many people who wander through life without worrying what could possibly happen if they fail to act in a responsible manner.

Sometimes I have envied folks who don't take life to seriously. They appear to act like they don't have a care in the world. I sometimes wish I could act a little more like them and lower my expectations. Other times I'd hope my out view of life would be less structured.

Even the everyday chores which in my case means making the bed, picking up, getting dishes in dishwasher, preparing meals, are met in my mind with expectations of when and how they are done. I have been to the point when I walked across the carpet and notice a small piece of paper on the floor or a piece of lint, I have to stop to pick it up rather than wait for the sweeper to get it when I clean. Or when I notice something on the wall isn't hanging straight, I just have to adjust it right away.

I almost admire folks who don't give a rip if their bed goes unmade for a day and the paper stack up in a pile. It bums me out at times. So you can imagine how uptight I get when I accept responsibility at work for doing some articles and there is more than a couple on the agenda. I like to get things done---now.

So when it comes time to do income tax, I want it done sooner rather than later. I don't want Uncle Sam to come after me. The other part of it is to make sure the figures are right. Many people put off doing their taxes until they just have to do them while others try to minimize their figures with some outlandish reasons hoping they will never to audited. Me, I want too make sure our bases are covered, I'd think I'd have a heart attack if I was ever audited.

The other day I was listening to the staggering amount of traffic fines that are ignored by those who have received more than one ticket. Others drive around without license and to make matters somewhat scary, without insurance. They say they have no money and what's a guy suppose to do. I'd worry enough to send myself to my grave if I got behind a wheel and had neither. You'd think they would act more responsible.

It sounded like the state's treasury would be busting at the seams if more of these fines could be collected. Why doesn't the state make these folks work their debt to society off? It would be better than ignore the debt. Goodness knows there is always some kind of work to be done. It's good for people to realize they need to take responsibility for their actions. I'd be embarrassed to tears if my name was listed in the paper for owing.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to slow the old gears down and take life easier and making life's moments worth living.