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Monday, May 2, 2016

Winding Roads: Love- Element of Life

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Friday morning as I am writing this column, I have to tell you that it is as irritating as can be that the national media hypes the death of what I would commonly refer to as a high-class hooker. No, I'm not going to mention her name as it has been mentioned too much already.

It infuriates me that someone who has done nothing to help mankind (sure-I know the jokesters would say she made one very old man happy), receives all this publicity when so many common folks who work hard to provide for their loved ones, don't get a mention. Aren't there many more serious items, newsworthy items to report on? I'd love a straight telephone number to the chief of these news broadcasts and leave a piece of my mind with them.


On to another topic-Love-how appropriate. Right? Valentine's Day is in a couple of days. How much have you spent to make your love one's realize that you really do love them?

I'm afraid I'm becoming a little old fuddy-duddy or a crab apple. Gosh, when I was a kid (I know almost a century ago) Valentine's Day was nothing more than a few small paper valentines that either were purchase at a very reasonable price or one that was actually made by the giver. If one was lucky, you had a teacher that might let you have a cookie shaped like a valentine along with some milk. The candy of the day was those little heart candies and man you were set. Everyone would go home and add up the valentines to see how many friends they had.

I admit that I like buying for those I love but it isn't a major deal as some advertisers would have one believe. I personally like to make a decorative cake or cupcakes or, yes, heart-shape sugar cookies.

Young husbands have a lot of pressure on them to cough up a diamond or gold whatever when their budgets may not allow it. I think if they would help with a meal of clean up to give his better half more time to relax is just as nice.

Valentines made by kids to give to kids is just as nice as those you spend a dollar for. I much rather have one my grandsons made as opposed to buying one. Let the kids make and frost a cake for the evening meal and stir up some red jello. They will be as happy as can be.

Have the kids clear the table or wash dishes. Play a family video or better yet, play a board game. Let the evening be a family event---do things together. Those are memories you are building which is the best gift you can give anyone.


On a slightly different note, I have also noticed and made aware of the high number of fund-raisers held in the last few years to help out those in distress either due to a health problem or disasters. These fund-raisers are held to show a community love for each other.

When a family or individual is going through a most difficult time. it's good to reach out and help those that really need help.

The recipient's spirit is lifted when they see all those participating in the fund-raiser.

It also does good for those who lend their helping hands whether it is helping with the food, serving food or coming to eat and drop money into the basket. It is another means of teaching our young how important it is to help others in need.

I don't know if there are more disaster or health problems today then lets say 20 years ago but there definitely are more fund-raisers.