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Winding Roads: Who are we?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well folks, you should get out and travel around this country to have your eyes opened. Each time I go elsewhere, my appreciation for Iowa becomes stronger and stronger. The negative factors of our country are slowly creeping into Iowa and we need to take a stand for what we really want.

Remember when the Bank of America hit the headlines when it opened its credit lines to folks who are here in this country illegally? The national media made the idea known across the land. Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg. I am just thoroughly disgusted at what our so-called politicians have not only allowed to take place but actually have encouraged. This is all happening under the idea of a "global economy".

Several months back I wrote a column about illegals getting free housing allowances. How this can happen is beyond me. If I went to Mexico, I know that wouldn't happen over there for me regardless of how desperate my situation might be.

If I was going to Mexico, I certainly would want to know some basic Spanish so I could communicate with others in order to get along and support myself. When Mexicans come here, most don't speak a word of English and they expect us to go out of our way to print information in Spanish.

Everywhere we went in the south, Spanish was printed on signs everywhere whether it was billboards or doors, windows, handouts or whatever. I'm all for English being our state and nation's language and I don't apologize for it. In fact, I thought it was until all the hoopla started when it was stated in politicians propaganda. I am so grateful for Steve King's stand on printing government information in English only for the state of Iowa. Why go to the expense of doing otherwise? Why shouldn't they be expected to know our language?

So it's free money to illegalls in the form of housing, food, welfare, education, safety in the name of fire and police protection. All of it draining money from middle-class Americans who coughed up much of this money.

On TV in Texas, one of the local networks had a segment on children having children and the plight of their situation. A 15 year-old girl had a baby just a little over a year old and living with her mother. You were to turn on your bleeding heart as to how difficult it was for her to get her education and of course, no money to buy what was needed. It was so hard on her mother who was helping out. The father of the baby, another teen, had no support money for the baby or mother. and guess what? After all the sad commentary, the girl announced she was pregnant for the second time by the same boy. Of course, with all the children being born in the U.S., the children become citizens here and ma and pa stay here making more bills for us poor slobs to pay their way.

Say, did I mention jobs? With the NAFTA trade agreement, politicians on both sides of the aisle promoted the positive aspects it would have for this country. Well this has been pie in the sky for many years now. It seems we (the U.S.) can't seem to do enough for countries all over the world and what do we get in exxchange? Less of the better paying jobs.

Global economy sounds nice but the owners of these corporations are only tuned in to making more money for their pockets. These executives aren't looking out for what is good for this country's economy. Our living standards are better than most countries but for how long if the present trend continues is unknown. Yes they can get cheap labor overseas but the living standards there are not on the same level of ours. At this rate, our standard will fall. These companies are moving their factories overseas faster than they even think of building here.

When you drive around it becomes quite easy to see that there appears to be more of a two-class system with poor on bottom and the rich on top. The middle class is gravitating to one end or the other. Much of this is happening due to Caucasians becoming a minority. Politicians are gearing their votes to what appeases all Spanish speaking people who live here so they can keep their job of doing little.

When our forefathers came to this country, they learned the language and accepted their responsibilities to earned a living and pay their taxes. Instead of a green card, perhaps we with the working permits, money needs to be deducted in the form of a tax which will go towards paying for our road system, welfare, safety programs, education and so forth. Enough is enough.

The road sides are littered with trash. These poor people buy what they can and when it breaks down, it's thrown in a heap whether it's vehcicles, appliances, furniture, dishes and so forth. Someone needs to go south and start a recycling center for old metal and have a clean up. What a mess!

Iowa is a wonderful place to live. It's cleaner and much safer.