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Friday, May 6, 2016

Winding Roads: Recycle, really?

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Around the good state of Iowa, we take recycling fairly seriously as well as cleaning up after ourselves. Not so with all of this great country of ours. It sometimes makes me wonder what kind of a people are we. I have concluded that too many people act according to how they think they are perceived or noticed. They may talk a good game but in private they may act quite differently.

Take a look at public bathroom doors. One wonders how they can be so dirty on the inside going back out if everyone washes their hands after using the facility. Or those who do not throw litter out of their cars when someone else is along and otherwise pitch it out the window when they think no one sees them.

How I reach such a conclusions is easy after surveying the lay of the land. Iowa is one of the better states not to pitch garbage out on the public roads. Economically depressed areas stand out as garbage is everywhere. One may not have the best of homes or vehicles but one could certainly keep the place picked up. They must lack pride in their property.

Let me get back directly with recycling. Cherokee Country communities provide bins to drop plastic, glass, paper and cans in. We are told to do this to preserve the life of the landfill and most take on this responsibility. We certainly aren't the only community to do this or the only state. This is good.

But imagine to my dismay when I noticed where our daughter lives near the nation's capital that there were several garbage trucks showing up in her neighborhood on various days of the week. Residents there contract out with whomever they so chose. Thus, various trucks show up on various weekdays in this up-scale area.

We question her on how does their recycling system work. Well papers go to one pile and the rest just goes. We couldn't believe our ears. They concluded with so many folks, it would be difficult. I asked why in the world do we bother in small communities if large cities don't follow through. People can drive it somewhere they supposed but usually it appeared to them that the driver just dumped it all together unless they have some miraculous system to sort it at their dump.

Our society as a whole is building new and using it until someone tires of it or runs out of wherewithal to fix it up and then just leaves. It becomes a trashy area. Down the road of time, someone in a metropolitan area then may come along and bulldoze it in to build new.

The amusing site was to see all of the house pets taken on walks in the morning and again at night to get their exercise. Some walkers take a bag along to pick up whatever the dog drops while others don't. One morning we saw at least a dozen of these dogs out with their owners and it was amusing to watch. You can only conclude that they don't have to work or do it at home on their computers. It is a total different life style.

So Iowans, be proud that you are good caretakers of the land even if it only makes a small dent cities are a good place to visit but Iowa is a great place to live.