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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winding Roads

Thursday, April 12, 2007

No one is more critical than me when it comes to watching our politicians. It seems there are more reasons to criticize them than there are reasons to praise them.

Iowa's Senator Charles Grassley definitely needs a pat on the back though after holding firm when the leader of the Smithsonian Institute overstepped his authority spending our tax dollars having a good time. I can't recall the man's first name but his last name was Small which is kind of ironic. He is the big dog in charge of all of the Smithsonian Museums situated around the heart of Washington, D.C.

Apparently Small liked to travel first class in air fare, lodging and dining. He overspent his budget and then some. What got Grassley going was the fact that he wanted the budget for Smithsonian Museums increased for one thing or another.

Grassley held a hearing and nailed the guy. Grassley stated it doesn't matter what political party one belongs to when you are doing wrong, you need to be corrected. The Washington Post had quite a large story on the situation when we were there two weeks ago and I don't know if the press covered it here or not. Grassley does tend to look after what is right rather than always following party lines. I wish more politicians were like that.

Even though the Post is noted for being a liberal paper, I do enjoy reading it.

Fairfax County is one of the wealthier counties in the U.S., heavily populated. Many of its citizens claim their new county building is like the Taj Mahal with nothing spared to set it apart.

Now the reports are out on the amount of money raised for the presidential campaign by some of these "set-me apart" attitudes. I was thinking if they donated all their treasure chests to cut back our national debt, all could be treated equally. A question every two to three weeks could be given the candidates to respond to by the national print media. At the end of 18 months, the public probably would know more about each of them plus the campaign would not be as costly. The media have made millions with these campaigns getting out of hand. Most Americans can't begin to run for office with big dollars like this needed to get you there. These politicians are literally buying the office. I hope this all backfires on their Cheshire cat grins. You wonder who's running the government with all these "wanna be presidents" running around. The more this goes on, the more disgusting it gets to be.

The other item I wish could be dealt with is corporations selling their knowledge and technology abroad. Whatever happen to their pledge of allegiance to this country? I personally think some should go on trial for treason. They are weakening this country for the benefit of lining their pockets with the almighty dollar. One such company claimed he did pass on some technology but that would help the other country win battles but it wasn't the most top level technology so that made everything all right.

So many countries are moving some of their best paying jobs abroad.

One farm equipment company said what they are making in China will give China a boost and it will take many years for them to reach the plateau of this country, yet they will reach it . Then what happens to us? We certainly won't be top dog in that field and many other areas as more and more go abroad.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the middle class will soon dissipate.