Don't meddle with private schools

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The state Senate has recently passed a bill that attempts to meddle in the right of private schools to develop their own philosophy toward subject matter.

The Senate has approved a bill that would prevent schools from teaching sex education lessons that are medically inaccurate,

Supporters of the bill said they wanted to ensure that schools aren't teaching unsubstantiated theories such as condoms not helping to protect against sexually transmitted diseases, and that depression can be avoided through abstaining from sex.

Critics worry that the measure would interfere with private schools' ability to offer sex education programs that are rooted in the church's faith tradition.

We agree with the critics.

We believe strongly in separation of church and state. No employee of a public school district or any other government entity has any business conducting a religious observance during the regular operation of the tax supported entity.

For the same reasons, we believe that no government entity should interfere with a religious organization conducting a religious observance or teaching religious based principles.

Some may regard the views of a religious private school on the effects of non-marital sex as unsubstantiated but then, some might regard a religious view on anything to be unsubstantiated.

People cannot be required to substantiate their faith.