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Winding roads: Marcus has dedicated leaders

Thursday, April 19, 2007

People who have not served on any boards or councils have no idea the amount of time it calls for if you want do justice in serving the best interests of the public. I don't want to come across as a "Miss-know-it-all" but the truth is until you have been in the shoes of those who do, you just don't know. (The exception would be reporters who attend regular meetings of public entities---there you get a true sense of what it takes.)

One also has to know that public service gives the public (at least in our country) a right to question public-service representatives' actions and decisions. It is a freedom we enjoy. For the public servant, who has several run-ins with one individual in a short time period, this can be a real aggravation. In fact, it can get a public servant's spirit down raising the question, "Why should I keep taking this guff?"

I know many readers at this next point will respond when I begin my praise of the Marcus council, "What else can you expect Hohbach to say as she lives in Marcus?" But having been made aware of other councils' and boards' actions, I must say that for the last several years since Downs has been at the helm and Sheree Ogren, Connie Ebert, Chuck Schmillen, Dave Rohwer and Carl Nelson stepped up to serve Marcus, much has gotten done. Downs has provided a long-range vision for the town and has steadily worked toward the goals that the whole council has embraced. He has worked with individuals as well as groups for them to come to their own determination to what he envisions to be something quite good for the whole community. It is called cooperative leadership that he has developed over the years.

Does that mean I have agreed with every one of his goals? No, not all but at least 90 percent of them and that is a pretty good number compared to many who served in various public offices. He isn't a railroader. Instead he points out the result of making a decision in various ways allowing everyone to give input along with the result of that action. Thus, the group determines the best course of action.

The five council members also have devoted many hours to their duties. In addition to their public meetings, each served on various committees and organizations to make everything click for Marcus. They are looking to give new life to the town which will ensure its future. They have reading of reports and information to do prior to each meeting. People call them and they try to answer all questions.

People who complained about taxes should pick other towns where the service is the same but they would most certainly pay more in taxes.

Sewer and water rates will no doubt be going up. They have to be raised to cover growing expenses. Water and sewer is a bargain in Marcus. Give the council a break and look around to see how else could they handle budget matters. Better yet, come to the next meeting and tell them how you would manage. The answer needs to include logic and be workable.

I hope you read the article about the council's last meeting on the front page of Friday's issue. After you have read it, which type of town do you think Marcus falls in? Which one do you want it to be in? Many people across the county are envious of what has happened in recent years in Marcus. There is a reason for that and I hope you voice your approval to the council. Sometimes public officials need a boost when they take their responsibilities seriously. I hate the thought of any of these guys stepping out of their office when it's such a good team working together.

Fly Eagles.