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Struck Strikes Out: He can't say that, did he?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's a crying shame most of the wimpy national media and all of the naive political correct zealots out there are not correlating the sophomoric and stupid racist/sexist remarks made by white radio host Don Imus with those of the blundering black woman who falsely and publicly called three white, innocent Duke lacrosse players "rapists."

Imus, a longtime and famous radio shock-jock "humorist," has been fired from CBS Radio and MSNBC Television, and castigated brutally and unmercifully nation-wide, since he referred to the Rutgers women's basketball team in comedic terms too repugnant to be printed in this space.

Imus has since sincerely apologized, accepted his punishment, and met face-to-face with the Rutgers basketball team and their coach C. Vivian Stringer, one classy lady who once coached at the University of Iowa and with whom I visited with one winter night in the Cherokee Washington High gym when she was in town recruiting WHS all-stater Tammi Blackstone.

Imus, a self-made millionaire who overcame cocaine and alcohol addiction to host one of the country's most popular radio talk shows, regularly runs with society's Big Dogs (politicians, journalists, musicians, and authors) and fancies himself to be just about the coolest, hippest man on the planet, unafraid to walk the walk while talking the talk in his 10-gallon hat and Marlboro Man Attire.

In fact, it was his misguided self-assessment that he is as cool or cooler than the hippest of the black hip-hoppers that ultimately convinced him he was a welcomed brother of the "Hood," and that it was OK to utter such deplorable words, very much akin to those hip-hop and rap recording "artists" who spew such vomit daily.

In fact, Imus said the phrase he used was actually taken from such black culture.

Through his 38-year radio career, such "talk" has kept Imus on the cutting edge of "comedy" shows and pushed more envelopes than a retired mailman. But, the famous people tuned in and laughed, and the advertisers and their dollars lined up like... well, like college kids and their dollars at their first stripper performance.

Ultimately, Imus was blamed for crossing the line with his racist/sexist remarks against the Rutgers players and that, plus cowardly corporate advertisers beating each other to the exits of a burning building, have combined to kill his prosperous career.

Meanwhile, the unidentified black woman - an unwed mother of three and a promiscuous stripper with a history of mental instability - went public to falsely accuse three white Duke athletes of rape and sodomy and is getting a free pass for her transgressions that all but ruined the lives of three innocent college kids and their families.

Who's there to fire her?

Yeah, black activists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (you might think they're "reverend," I don't subscribe) have jumped on Imus like vultures on a piņata, while totally ignoring the Duke story that is more deplorable than the I-Man's stupid remarks will ever be.

With blood in the water, add in all the "important" black people like politicians, national journalists, and even television weatherman Al Roker jumping aboard, and you have a shameful racist witch hunt that rivals the hate of apartheid and the Los Angeles Watts riots.

I've said this before, if and when this world can rid itself of any and all racism - and we've come a long way - Sharpton and Jackson are out of work. They'll have no place to race, pun intended. No longer will they be able to shuck and jive their brethren while maliciously hovering in the air waiting to play their trump race card that's beginning to wear woefully thin.

But, Don Imus gave them a stage. For all his powerful fraternity, wit, savvy, and worldliness, Don Imus woke the preying, one-way-street giant, and now has paid for it with the death of his career and reputation.

Hell, let's just take him out and shoot him.

And then, onward we can go, same old, same old.

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