Support our firefighters

Thursday, May 3, 2007

We encourage area residents to support the Cherokee Volunteer Fire Department by purchasing tickets now available for the 125th annual Fireman's Dance, to be held at the Cherokee County Fairgrounds Saturday, June 23. Great dance music will be provided by the popular band, "Hundred Proof."

The annual ball is the department's major fund-raiser for the year, with proceeds going to additional and improved equipment for the courageous volunteer firefighters.

At $2 per ticket good for one couple, the cost of attending the dance is trivial for the good your purchase of the tickets can accomplish. The dance is from 8 p.m. to midnight.

The department, on call 24 hours a day seven days a week, was summoned to 76 fire calls in the past year, and the timely response and quality of the Cherokee firefighters and their equipment is respected throughout the state.

In the past year, area firefighters have attended many training sessions and increased their knowledge to better protect us and our property. In addition, the department is continually promoting fire prevention and fire safety, while answering any and all emergency calls.

As the firefighters report, their response action includes fires, explosions, building collapse, tornadoes, floods, drownings, suffocations, hazardous materials, gas leaks, rescues of humans and animals, and wrecks of trains, planes and all other vehicles.

The job includes fire control, first aid, salvage, arson detection and control of looting.

If you missed the firefighters selling tickets to the ball at your door, contact the department at 225-3906.

And, even if you choose not to attend the dance, please buy a ticket anyway to help maintain our local department as one of the very best around.

Veteran firefighters Jack Olson is chief, Gary Chase is first assistant chief, Dave Lucas is second assistant chief, Roger Frisbie is treasurer, and Hank Hayes is secretary.

When you cross paths with these men and, for that matter, all members of our area volunteer fire departments, take the time to thank them for their selfless dedication to helping protect our communities and our properties.

Then, be sure to attend the annual dance to show them just how supportive you are of them.