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Winding Roads: Illegal aliens are a growing problem

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Have you folks been listening and really hearing what may very well happen if our "know-it-all" representatives approve amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants?

For myself, it has really angered me to think about the increased tax burden placed upon many Americans to cover the cost of schooling, health, safety and other vital necessities for these people. What I didn't think about was the possibility that if these millions of Mexicans who came across our border illegally have their wish granted to be here legally, they will no doubt be paid social security benefits. Think about that one.

We have already been warned about the probability of running out of money for retirees who have worked their whole lifetime in this great nation. Politicians go back and forth on what year the funds will be non-existant but knowing full-well that it no doubt will happen.

Perhaps that is one reason why some of our politicians are getting brave enough (desparate is probably a better word) to put out the idea of the wealthy not getting any of their social security. Why? Because like I have said years ago, paying into social security should be like fire insurance. You pay it in case you might need it but it's better that you don't need it. That way the government can use what the wealthy to pay in order to help the poor. We have plenty of poor folks in this land who need help without going looking for others.

Having said that, how in the world can all of these illegals receive social security after never payng in a dime. Would they think they deserve it? You bet. I would imagine they just smile from ear to ear at the thought. Once they are citizens they would demand whatever they can get. They are not bashful.

Can you imagine going to another country illegally and start yelling at them how to run their country? We'd be thrown in jail but hundreds marched this past week and got away with it all.

Harrisburg, Pa., is still fighting strong to eliminate their town of all the illegals who have run the city treasury into the ground as well as the school district. What are our laws for if not to be obeyed. Why have borders?

The argument that illegals fulfill menial jobs that U.S. citizens won't do is not the full truth. Yes, when they come here most have to take those types of jobs as they do not have the education to do any thing else. Yet, they give us the pitch to cry for their plight as they send most of their paychecks back home. If most are employed at menial jobs, how do they come up with money to send home? U.S. citizns working at those same jobs, barely have enough for food and a roof over their heads. Perhaps illegal activity is how they come about those funds.

If they give birth to children here, I don't think that should qualify the child to be a U.S. citizen here. After all, if we have a child in another country, I don't think we'd say our child is a citizen of whatever country it happended to be.

Illegals are playing our country as a bunch of fools. Too many of our better paying jobs have gone to other countries making their economies improve. We used to be able to always think of our country as a creditor nation. I think we are now a debtor nation as our deficit looms.

If you don't think this is fast becoming a major concern, you better take a very short drive and look around. The situation is growing in any direction you take and it is a political fire bomb. Politicans are too interested in their jobs to take a firm stand and illegals are growing to become a political force.