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Wizard of Oz to be performed at Community Theater

Thursday, June 14, 2007

This way or that way? Joe Titcombe, playing the Scarecrow, strikes a pose during a rehearsal of the Wizard of Oz at the Cherokee Community Center. Photo by Ken Ross
The cast and crew of the Wizard of Oz have been quite busy preparing for the ambitious production to be performed at the Cherokee Community Center, starting June 21.

The production is under the direction of Mollie Loughlin with assistant to the director Jen Bechtel. Amy Sarchet is the music director, Tony Puffett is stage manager, Rick Angell is flying manager, Wane Morris is technical director and Jane Schmillen is in charge of make-up.

The cast includes:

Katie Reed plays Dorothy
Dorothy -- Katie Reed

Uncle Henry -- Tony Puffett

Auntie Em -- Kathy Breyfogle

Ryan Brown is the Cowardly Lion
Miss Gulch -- Jaqueline Courtright

Hank -- J.J. Nitz

Hickory -- Aaron Hofmeyer

Ethan Sayler portrays the Tin Man
Zeke -- Nick Woltman

Professor -- Dave Hickman

Glenda - Cheryl Ellis

Wicked Witch -- Dee Murphy

Scarecrow -- Joe Titcombe

Tinman -- Ethan Sayler

Lion -- Ryan Brown

Oz -- Dave Zelle

Emerald City Guard -- Blake Burroughs

General Winkie -- Jason VanEngen

Winkies -- Aaron Hofmeyer, Blake Burroughs, Whitney Axiotis, J.J. Nitz, Andrew Lafleur

Nicko -- Nicholas Loughlin

Monkeys -- Patrick Loughlin, Nick Woltman, Dale Springer, Libby Peterson, Blake Haleus

Crows -- J.J. Nitz, Blake Burroughs, Aaron Hofmeyer

Trees -- Caitlin Thomas, Sydney Morton, Kristine Reeves, Janae Lundell, Michelle McGarry, Whitney Axiotis

Oz Man 1 -- Aaron Hofmeyer

Oz Woman 1 -- Janet Brown

Oz Man 2 -- Andrew Lafleur

Oz Woman 2 -- Noelle Puffett

Scarecrow Beauticians -- Janet Brown, Kristine Reeves, Caitlin Thomas, Abby Hayes

Dorothy Beauticians -- Michelle McGarry, Whitney Axiotis. Libby Peterson, Sydney Morton

Tinman Polishers -- Andrew Lafleur, Aaron Hofmeyer, J.J. Nitz, Jessica Olson

Lion Manicurists -- Linda Christensen, Janae Lundell, Noelle Puffett, Nicole Springer. Jessica Garvin

Poppies -- Kristine Reeves, Caitlin Thomas, Michelle McGarry, Jessica Olson, Sydney Morton, Whitney Axiotis

Snowmen -- J.J. Nitz, Aaron Hofmeyer, Blake Burroughs, Andrew Lafleur

Tap Dancers -- Kristine Reeves, Sydney Morton, Caitlin Thomas

Munchkinland citizens -- Blake Burroughs (mayor), Eric Boisen (barrister), Emilee McGee (coroner), Hanah Henson, Merideth Murphy, Abby Hayes

Lullaby League -- Emily Westphal, Emily Haselhoff, Libby Petterson

Lollipop League -- Sara Ramirez, Zac Taylor, Matt Keyser, Alex Maurer

Munchkins -- Mary Tjeerdsma, Carly Rahn, Hannah Sayler, Mikayla Schuett, Edie Anderson, Ellen Anderson, Hannah Burkhart, Brianna McGary, Sydney Hart, Abby Linn, Kaitlin Miller, Kristen Gerhardt, Hailee Maurer, Amber McGarry

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