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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Winding Roads: Let's be legal

Thursday, June 21, 2007

For three weeks the Hohbachs have been out east. I must say Ohio and Pennsylvania are two beautiful states. The rolling hills with all of the shrubbery and trees are inviting; at least in the Amish and Mennonite country. We really enjoyed it plus the roadsides were much cleaner than in the southwest corner of this country.

On the way out, we listened to several talk shows and CNN stations. By the time we got to Virginia, I was ready for our tour of the capitol (provided by Senator Grassley's office) so I could leave part of my mind there. But I foolishly forgot they were on vacation, Memorial Day weekend.

At first I thought it was just the Democrats trying to pass this new bill for amnesty (yes, I know, not amnesty according to George) and then I heard the President himself is the one who is trying to ramrod it through Congress. The listening was difficult for trying to keep my blood pressure down. How could such a bill pass?

I really couldn't believe my ears and then on the way home, we heard that the bill was dead in the water. I felt relief. Then in the last couple of days, President Bush is saying he will see the press at the bill signing as he came home to rally his fellow Republicans. I'm screaming at the TV, "Are you nuts?"

Imagine Bush and Ted Kennedy as a duo. Good grief my memory isn't that short. How could Bush even deal with him?

It is absolutely laughable that these illegals are going to have $5,000 to pay an entry fee and it's even more laughable that this government is going to process them in a timely manner. People who applied for passports are waiting for months now. How stupid do they think we are? (Even when you make a call about Medicare, their computers apparently aren't all in sync.)

Do you think I could go to any nation that I'm not a citizen of and start telling them how to run their country and ask for free hand-outs of lodging, food, education, health care, safety and the list goes on.

Do you think they have any respect for this country or are we just being used as suckers?

Another question, if we can't take control of our borders, what are we doing in Iraq? Build another fence? They are showing on TV how illegals cut through our metal fences and build tunnels for huge distances to get here.

I don't much care for their many uses of sharp knives. They don't seem to try to adopt our cultural values such as preservation of life. Why have any regulations if they can ignore our present laws, can we decide which laws we'd like to ignore? Our national representatives have made such a mess that they have developed this plan to cover it all up. After all, no one knows how many illegals are in this country.

We need to have corporations pay huge fines for hiring illegals. Yes, I know there are many places to purchase forged papers but hey, these corporate heads make good money so hold them accountable with fines that match their paychecks.

We shipped many of our jobs down there already. Mexico's Fox should be hanging his head in shame and this country's leaders should be telling him to clean up his act. The poor in Mexico have a worse than tough life but we can't take on all of their problems when we have so many of our own that are not being addressed. Our country will go downhill fast.

Mexicans as a whole do not seem to appreciate living here or they wouldn't deface our property. They would want to learn our language and imitate our life style.

Another thing, I think it's time this government tells oil companies to decide who is going to build a new refinery and if no steps up by the end of the year, the government needs to go ahead and build one. It's been 30 years and they don't get build overnight. How long can our refineries run before a spring checkup will not guarantee their running?

Our elected officials are too centered on keeping their jobs rather than do what is best for this country. Pork barreling is the name of the game. Payola at a national scale. This country has to be the butt of jokes worldwide.

Excuse my anger but enough is enough. All of you need to tell these presidential candidates to go back to Washington and tend the nation's business or you're fired.