What are the choices?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We had some fun showing choices on color selections for the north water tower in Cherokee. The photo page idea was conceived and executed by staff writer Mike Leckband.

However, the only choices that are likely to be given serious consideration are white with black lettering or the Washington High School colors -- gold and black, most likely gold with black lettering.

After the extra cost of colored paint is made known, the city might be down to white with black lettering as the only choice worth considering.

Even with the possibility of using the school colors, the city would not likely have the resources to have the Indian head logo painted.

Besides, the Indian head is a controversial symbol. We don't know at what point in the future the state legislature or the Iowa High School Athletic Association might decree that the WHS mascot should henceforth be a butterfly or some other such inoffensive symbol of wimpiness.

Perhaps defiance of political correctness adds appeal to the idea of the Indian head logo, but we still see a problem with the fact that the Indian depicted is not a Cherokee.

Travelers on Highway 3 who have knowledge of Indian lore might be confused seeing a tower with the word Cherokee and the head of an Indian who appears to be an Iroquois.

Anyway, whatever color the water tower ends up being, it needs to have the word Cherokee in bold lettering. As a popular comedian once pointed out, "It's amazing how many towns are named after water towers."