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Cherokee Swim Team competes in two meets

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Cherokee Swim Team, approximately 60 members strong, traveled to Rockwell City on Wednesday June 13 for their first meet of the season. No scores were recorded, but Cherokee coaches Jodi Morgan, Julie Bofenkamp, and Sophia Haselhoff were very pleased with the team's performance.

Each swimmer is allowed to swim a maximum of three individual events and two relays, and Cherokee swimmers posted several first, second, and third place finishes throughout the evening.

Swimmers posting wins in three individual events included Michael Herwig in the Boys' 8-and-under 50 m. freestyle, 25 m. butterfly, and 25 m. freestyle; Mitchell West in the Boys' 9 and 10-year-old 50 m. freestyle, 25 m. freestyle, and 100 m. freestyle; Brett Walker in the Boys' 11 and 12-year-old 100 m. freestyle, 50 m. butterfly, and 50 m. freestyle; and Paige Stieneke in the Girls' 15-18-year-old 100 m. freestyle, 50 m. butterfly, and 50 m. freestyle.

Swimmers winning two individual events were Kaely Hummel in the Girls' 8-and-under 25 m. butterfly and 25 m. freestyle; Adam Cedar in the Boys' 9-10-year-old 25 m. backstroke and 25 m. butterfly; Megan Hummel in the Girls' 11-12 100 m. freestyle and 50 m. butterfly; Jessica Cook in the Girls' 13-14 100 m. freestyle and 50 m. freestyle; Jackie Wilson in the Girls' 13-14 50 m. butterfly and 100 m. Individual Medley; and Sophia Haselhoff in the Girls' 15-18 50 m. backstroke and 100 m. Individual Medley.

Cherokee swimmers winning a single event were Kamron Johnson in the Boys' 8 and under 25 m. backstroke; Tyler Richardson in the Boys' 8 and under 25 m. breaststroke; Alex Winchell in the Boys' 9- 10 25 m. breaststroke; Alex Peck in the Boys' 13-14 100 m. freestyle; Jared Roethler in the Boys' 13-14 Individual Medley; Brianna Fowler in the Girls' 13-14 50 m. backstroke; Mikaela Booth in the Girls' 13-14 50 m. breaststroke; Dillon Devitt in the Boys' 15-18 50 backstroke; and Kayla Messerole in the Girls' 15-18 breaststroke.

The following relays also earned first place finishes (ed. note: individual names omitted because of limited space) : Girls' 8 & Under Medley; Boys' 9-10 Medley; Boys' 9-10 Freestyle; Girls' 13-14 Medley; Girls' 13-14 Freestyle; Boys' 13-14 Medley and the Girls' 15-18 Medley and Freestyle.

2nd place finishes(again, due to limited space, the Chronicle Times will list second and third place individual and relay winners, but not their specific events) - Kaely Hummel, Kelsey Hockenson, Carly Rahn, Emily Haselhoff (3), Alex Winchell, T.J. Hockenson, Mikayla Schuett, Megan Hummel, Brennan Prentice, Emily Cook (2), Jessica Cook, Jana Chase, Mikaela Booth, Jared Roethler, Jack Letsche (2), Alex Peck, Kayla Messerole, and Dillon Devitt (2).

RELAYS - 8 and Under Girls Freestyle, 8 and Under Boys Medley and Freestyle, 9-10 Girls' Medley and Freestyle, 11-12 Boys' Medley and Freestyle, 13-14 Girls' Medley and Freestyle, and Boys' 13-14 Freestyle.

3rd place finishes - Kylie Mongan, Tyler Richardson, Kamron Johnson, Hayley Graybill, Halie Kraft, Elizabeth Herrera (2), T.J. Hockenson, Calvin Chalstrom, Adam Cedar, Dallas Boger, Jackie Wilson, Denise Freed (2), Beth Hanner (2), Trevor Devitt (2), Aurora Buschkamp (2), Bailey Stoneking, Dillon Devitt.

RELAYS - 8 and Under Girls' freestyle; 9-10 Girls' medley and freestyle; 11-12 Boys medley and 15-18 girls freestyle.

Other participants in the meet were Hayden Graybill, Madelyn Herrera, Abigail Plum, and Taylor Richardson, all in the 8-and-under girls' division.

On Wednesday June 20, the team traveled to Emmetsburg for their second meet. Again, no scores were kept, but coaches Mongan, Bofenkamp, and Haselhoff were very pleased with the many first through third places and improved times of many individuals and relays.

The following swimmers earned three first place finishes in individual events: Kaely Hummel, Halie Kraft, Mitchell West, and Brett Walker. First place in two events went to Kelsey Hockenson, Kamron Johnson, Tyler Richardson, Elizabeth Herrera, Jessica Cook, Brianna Fowler, Alex Peck, Jack Letsche, and Jared Roethler. Single first place winners were Hayley Graybill, Calvin Chalstrom, Adam Cedar, Megan Hummel, Brennan Prentice, Jaden Lux, Jordan Taylor, Jackie Wilson, and Katie Sambrano.

Relay winners: 8 and under girls' medley and freestyle, 9-10 girls medley and freestyle, 9-10 boys medley and freestyle, 11-12 boys medley and freestyle, 13-14 girls medley and freestyle, and the 13-14 boys medley and freestyle.

Second places went to Abby Goettsch, Taylor Richardson, Kamron Johnson, Tyler Richardson, Elizabeth Herrera, Mikki Hinkhouse, Paige Kraft, Adam Cedar, T.J. Hockenson, Alex Winchell (2), Megan Hummel, Maddy Woodall, Dallas Boger (2), Blake Booth, Mikaela Booth, Jaden Lux (2), Emily Cook, Jessica Cook, Elizabeth Dawson, Shannon Schaefer, Jackie Wilson, Jared Roethler, Kayla Messerole, and Kaylee Johnson.

RELAYS - 8 and under girls' freestyle, 9-10 girls freestyle,11-12 boys' medley and freestyle, 13-14 girls' medley and freestyle and 15-18 girls' medley and freestyle.

Third places went to Abby Goettsch, Kylie Mongan (3), Thad Booth (2), Hayley Graybill, Mikki Hinkhouse, Atlanta Shaw, Calvin Chalstrom, T.J. Hockenson, Megan Hummel, Dallas Boger, Blake Booth, Tyler Carey, Thomas Plum, Jordan Taylor, Emily Cook, Elizabeth Dawson, Beth Hanner (2), Katie Sambrano (2), Jack Letsche, Aurora Buschkamp, Kaylee Johnson, Paige Stieneke (3).

RELAYS - 8 and under girls' medley, 13-14 girls' medley and freestyle, 15-18 girls' medley and freestyle.

The team's third meet was in Storm Lake on the 27th, in a triangular with the Storm Lake and Laurens swim teams. Results will be published when received.

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