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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Winding Roads: I got it--do you?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

What a week this has been for this country!

I can only imagine the emotional turmoil that Minnesotans feel as they look at pictures of the bridge that dropped. Many have to drive across that bridge every day and to think it might have been them whose life was sacrificed due to the lack of proper maintenance.

This old lady got it and why our politicians didn't see it just proves how they are more interested in running for office as opposed to seeing that this country is run safely. How many years ago did I write that city infrastructures were in desperate need of repair? It's like one commentator said, what is not seen is out of mind. But shouldn't leaders, (city, county, state and national) have a role in overseeing what is needed to keep systems running in an acceptable manner? They are guilty of negligence.

When the dust settles there will be a massive lawsuits. Those dollars would have gone a long way toward fixing some problems. News reporters couldn't believe that at each level, politicians wouldn't admit that the bridge should have been repaired. No, they are very aware that grief will turn to anger. It's just a mess.

Now with vacation time here, how many of us will dread driving over a bridge? I already had a fear about the heights of some bridges. But I also think of tunnels, whether through mountains or under water. Many of them should be gone over with a fine-tooth comb.

In addition to bridges and tunnels, we have water and sewer systems that are in dire need of repair. Cities and states say there isn't enough money in the treasury to take care of these matters but when something goes terribly wrong, there will be money coughed up somewhere to cover these lawsuits.

But are our politicians worried? I guess not. They are about to take a month off for vacation in D.C. Our national leaders need to guide states through and coordinate the effort in taking a look at the infrastructures of this country. It can't all be done at once but some sort of a game plan needs to get laid out. Instead of building new roads, maybe we better update the old roads and bridges.

Instead of solving issues on health and medication costs, education, energy and so forth, our national office holders are too busy trying to prove the other major party has poor ideas. They are not pulling together in any area.

I'm really worried that some day our grandchildren and great grandchildren may have to live under Chinese dominance. What I can't understand is why we simply tell the Chinese these are the guidelines for selling your products to the U.S. Food that isn't up to our standards just won't be tolerated and will be shipped back at their expense.

Now even toys are unsafe for our children. Can you believe that one of the largest toy manufacturers has much of its products produced in China? How many companies have done the same? Good paying jobs for the middle class have been moved elsewhere. How can many of these corporate owners consider themselves to be proud Americans when they have chipped away at our economy making it a real struggle for many Americans?

With many illegals coming here, how many years before our country will definitely be a two tiered class society? Apparently low wages is the name of the game to keep the rich richer.

I'm highly frustrated at the lack of leadership in handling of just about every category of problems we have here. I wonder how history books will treat this era in having a lack of vision and wisdom.

We should all be thrilled that gas has taken a 26-cent drop in a short period of time. But remember, Labor Day is coming and so up will go the price.