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Times Gone By

Monday, August 13, 2007

Group Portrait - Addison Smith, Ben Gillease and George Brummer posed for a group portrait in 1900.
100 years ago

The chipmunk is not usually considered much of a songbird, but according to Ernest Thompson Seton he is quite a success in a vocal role. In Manitoba the chipmunk comes above ground about the first or second week of April, says Mr. Seton in Success. Mounted on some log or root, it reiterates a loud chirpy "Chuck-chuck-chuck!" Other chipmunks run forth into the sunlight and seeking some perch add their "Chuck-chuck-chuck" to the spring salute. They are active from this time of the year on, and their sunny morning chorus is not by any means confined to that original outburst. On April 29, 1905, at Cos Cob, I heard a chipmunk in full song. He kept it up for 11 minutes without ceasing, and uttered 130 chirps to the minute. He got no reply, though he worked very hard and seemed tired toward the last. On May 28, 1905, at Cos Cob, I heard a chipmunk singing. He kept it up for three minutes, uttering three chirps to the second.

Whitemill Dam - C. Anderson, Lou Bader and "Sody" Edwards are pictured in a boat on the east side above the old dam at Whitemill on the Little Sioux River around 1900.
In walking it is important to walk as if one enjoyed it. Few women walk as if it were a pleasure. Some wear heels so high that they are compelled to peg along. Others wear the low, flat heels that give a curious dumpy, lumpy walk.

Then there are the women who walk the side-to-side waddle. This is caused by heels that are run over and clothing that is too tight. It is also caused by carelessness. The waddle walk is an easy one to get in the habit of and a difficult one to overcome.

There are women who walk as if they were carrying a burden. They have the laborious motion of the shoulders which tells that they are uncomfortable.

If women could only be made to appreciate what an important part of good looks a graceful carriage is, there would be no more poor walkers among them.

75 years ago

Cherokee Daily Times - Located at 113 S. 2nd St. the north Cherokee Daily Times building is pictured here some time before the two buildings were remodeled in 1963. Note the street lights, they were installed in 1913 and were removed in 1932 plus. Before the building was home to the Times it was once housed Wilson Photography
Addresses by Guy M. Gillette, democratic candidate for United States congressman, band concerts, several baseball and kittenball games, other sports events and dancing are the features of the two-day picnic to be sponsored by the American Legion post at Quimby Friday and Saturday.

Festivities open Friday at 10:30 o'clock with a free baseball game between Quimby Cubs and Clark's Athletes. A concert by the Cleghorn band at 12:30 will be followed by an address by Gillette at 1:30 o'clock. Cleghorn will meet Quimby in a kittenball game at 2:45 p.m. and another concert, the band not yet announced, will be presented at 4:00 p.m. Previous to a dance in the evening Barr Motor kittenball team will tangle with winners of the afternoon game.

Washta baseball team is to meet winners of the Friday game at 10:30 Saturday morning. The Cushing band will play a concert at 12:30 o'clock and Gillette will appear again at 1:30 o'clock. The junior baseball teams, not yet selected, will play at 2:30 Saturday afternoon and volunteer sportsmen will compete in water fights, foot races and other contests at 4:00 o'clock. An evening dance concludes the program.

A ferris wheel, live pony merry-go-round and several concessions will furnish further entertainment.

50 years ago

According to the Cherokee County ASC Office, payments to Cherokee County farmers for participation in the 1957 Soil Bank Acreage Reserve program were substantially completed by August 1.

Cherokee County farmers received $659,447.90 for their participation in the program.

There were 534 farms signing Acreage Reserve Agreements in the county with an average acre age of 25.4 acres per participating farm.

The average payment per acre was $49.38 and average per participating farm $1,253.70 with 20 percent of farms participating.

The purpose of the program reports the ASC Office, is to assist producers to divert a portion of their cropland from the production of excessive supplies of agricultural commodities, by compensating them for reducing their acreage below their allotment.

As the acreage reserve gains in participation it will provide adequate payments to compensate farmers for the net income they would have earned on the land put into reserve, new strength and stability to prices in the market place, protection against crop failure and increased productive capacity for those acres in the future, comments ASC officials.

Lastly, the soil bank holds great promise for the future, but it is not a remedy or cureall, but a way to reduce farm surpluses, to safeguard soil and water resources and to give a lift to farm prices.

Residents of the Storm Lake area have set Aug. 17 as "Save the Lake Day" and plan to invite members of the Iowa Legislature and the State Conservation Commission to participate n a lake inspection tour.

Frank Powers, president of the "Save the Lake Organization" said the recent Legislature did not appropriate necessary funds for improving the lake and it is becoming unpopular for fishing and swimming.

The lake's water level is five feet below normal, he said.

25 years ago

Grand champion steer honors at the Marcus Fair Tuesday afternoon went to Lisa Wagner of Merrill, and Michelle Woodall of Marcus picked up the reserve championship for the lightweight steer she exhibited.

In the first Marcus Fair beef show held in the new steel building facilities on the fairgrounds, Dan Berglund of Marcus copped junior showmanship honors, and Lori Udell of Hinton was named senior showman.

Individual first-places were awarded in 10 weight classes as well as five championships in combined categories.

The results of the 1982 Marcus Fair Beef Show were:

Feeder Calf Heifers: Dan Berglund, Marcus, first; Chuck Bierman, Marcus, second; feeder calf steers, Kathy Downey, Pierson, first; Matt Simons, Marcus, second; overall feeder calf champion, Berglund; overall reserve champion, Downey.

Lightweight Breeding Heifers: Lori Udell, Hinton, first place; Michelle Woodall, Marcus, second; Heavyweight Breeding Heifers; Stephanie Simons, Marcus, first; Downey, second; overall champion breeding heifer, Stephanie Simons; reserve, Downey.

Lightweight Market Heifers: Berglund, first; Sharon Ohlricks, Merrill, second; heavyweight market heifer, Chuck Bierman, Marcus, first; Stephanie Simons, second; overall champion market heifer, Bierman; reserve, Berglund.

Lightweight steers (980-1,065): Nicole Newberg, first; Gary Ohlricks, Merrill, second; lightweight steers (1,090-1,150), Woodall, first; Wayne Ohlricks, second; overall lightweight champion, Woodall, reserve, Wayne Ohlricks.

Heavyweight steers (1,160-1,195): Chuck Meissner, Pierson, first; Stephanie Simons, second; heavyweight steers (1,200-up): Wagner, first; Roger Conley, second; overall heavyweight champion, Wagner; reserve, Meissner.

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