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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

From the Midway: Casino for Cherokee - wanna bet?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Does Cherokee really need a casino? Interesting question - my gag reflex tells me no. My common sense tells me no. I wonder- do people really understand what comes with this issue? This is a strong choice for the community to make, and should be well thought out. There are many hidden risks to having a casino in town.

First and foremost is the addiction to gambling. I have seen the damage done by gambling addicts. They will steal, lie, and cheat to keep their rush going, and all the time the casino is waiting for them to come back and drop more money. It's all about the money - but when the idea is sold in a nice pretty package people will line up to see what is inside.

Casinos are designed to take your money. The games are always in the house's favor.

I've seen people write bad check to keep playing. I've had to buy food for people who spent all their money at a casino and don't have enough to buy groceries for themselves and their children. I've seen old men blow a lifetime of savings in a matter of weeks.

So does this sound like entertainment to you?

Sure, there are a lot of people who know when they have had enough and are responsible with their money - but a lot more don't.

We will hear the arguments about how a casino will help the local economy by bringing in tourists and having that money spread over the town by people eating or getting gas,etc. Common sense tells me that if people are broke, how are they going to spend money anywhere else?

There are other clams that a casino will bring 300 new jobs to the town, but if you ignore the moral implication of gambling, it seems to me that we should ignore some more things while were at it.

We could have opium dens. That would be good business - opium dens were extremely popular in the 1800's.

Over in Amsterdam, people can smoke marijuana legally and there are many "hash bars" one can visit.

That would be an interesting site here in Cherokee -"Excuse me,sir, would you like a blunt or just a simple joint tonight?"

Since we're speaking of Amsterdam ,there is another interesting custom over there that we could capitalize on, too. That custom is that of the "Red Light district." For those of you who don't know what a Red Light district is, let me elaborate. It is a designated area of town where a customer may window shop for an evening with a young lady who is on display.

These are just some suggestions which would create jobs and bring the almighty tourist dollars here, as Cherokee draws in tourists from all over. Heck, while we're at it, lets just make the whole county a "red light county."

I think every state could use one of those. The tax revenue alone could pay for our country's health care system.

I know there is a need in this town for new businesses, and there is always a need for something to do, but when you put one of your morals up for sale, you might as well put them all up for sale.

It is true that new jobs are desperately needed in this town, but there has to be a better way to meet that challenge than having a casino.

Mike Leckband
From the Midway