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From the Midway: Politics -- That's entertainment!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

There has been one subject I have been avoiding and that elephant in the room is politics. Yes, I know that's a dirty word but it's a subject that is always entertaining.

In this divided country of red and blue states I guess that I fall some where in that middle gray area. I'm not red or blue but a nice shade of violet perhaps.

You could say that I'm not so much a Democrat as I'm anti-Republican. The Grand Old Party has left a bad taste in my mouth since I was a young man. I am a Nixon baby (that means I was born when Richard M. Nixon was in office, not that he is my father). When I first became aware of politics it was in the late seventies when Ronald Reagan was running for president.

Back then I was very upset that Mr. Reagan interrupted "Three's Company" once while I was trying to watch the show. That might have been the first strike.

When Iran was holding hostages from the US embassy, I noticed that the hostages were freed on the day that Reagan took office.

Being the ripe old age of eight, I got the feeling that something fishy went down. Maybe that's when more of the seeds of mistrust were planted. Over the next eight years, I was indoctrinated into Reagan's America and waited to see the city on the hill.

While staring at his picture in the classroom and waiting for the nukes to drop at anytime I saw how the Republican Party came to power. That was how I learned that fear was mighty powerful. Then I saw how, in my eyes, that the Republicans where sucking America dry and outright lying to the public on many issues, whether Ronny was aware of them or not. I don't recall.

After Reagan left and our all-time favorite Vice President George Bush took the helm and tried to steer us to a thousand points of light, I read his lip and saw Black Monday, Junk bonds and the Gulf War. I was a senior in high school when that Bush's war broke out and I did agree that he was no wimp.

At this point in my life I felt that there had to be something different out there. All my memories of the Democrats were just pity for them. It was kind of like watching a friend beat up his little brother, the kid might have deserved it but seeing it all the time, you finally have to tell your friend that enough is enough.

Finally I came of age and got my chance at the vote. Boy, it was exciting, not only was it my chance to make a difference but what a horse race that was. In one corner you had Bush and little Danny Quayle and in the other corner there was the smooth talking saxophone playing Bill Clinton with a running mate that towered with intelligence, the one and only Al Gore. The die was cast and the stage was set when I got into that voting booth. I could not wait to vote for the crazy little midget with four billion dollars.

Wow, a third party, who would have ever thought but with a name like the Reform Party who could resist. Besides the man had four billion dollars and I figured if a man had that much money he must really know how to get things done.

My general Clinton policy has been if you don't ask me about him I won't tell you about him. However, during the Clinton years I observed a large growth in building in America all over the US.

It was at this time I felt that the Republicans started to kick in with their political smear machine. It seemed to me that they were trying to get Clinton by any means possible. We had White Water, Ken Starr and Miss Monica, boy what a show that was and what a waste of time and money that was too.

As for the current administration, I really don't have the space to discuss that right now.

Don't get me wrong, I have, on occasion, voted for Republicans. Let's take Senator Grassley, for example. He is the ranking member of the Senate Finance committee and that is a nice position for our local Senator to be in. So in my book, it makes sense to keep him there.

On the presidential stage there's really not much choice but here's the secret. It's the local politics' where your vote really matters. So if you're either a Democrat or a Republican, at the local level that does not really matter. What does matter is the character of the person running for that particular office.

Nobody ever said politics should be fair and most of the time it's not. One thing is for sure, politics is never dull.

Mike Leckband
From the Midway