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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Appeasement makes things worse

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A proposal that is being given serious consideration by the na*vely hopeful "give peace a chance" crowd comes from a Catholic Bishop in the Netherlands.

Bishop Tiny Muskens has proposed that Christians begin using the word Allah for God, already a practice of Christians in the predominantly Muslim country of Indonesia. According to Muskens, God does not care what he is called and calling him Allah might diminish the differences between Christians and Muslims.

The Netherlands has about 400,000 Muslims living there, an intolerant mass that has not been absorbed into the otherwise tolerant population of the small Western European nation. It was in the Netherlands that cartoonists feared for their lives after creating cartoons depicting the image of Mohammed, the prophet of Islam.

Muslims (adherents of the religion of Islam) believe that depicting the image of Mohammed is idolatry and cannot be tolerated, either by fellow Muslims or by anybody else.

At least a substantial number of Muslims believe that, enough that death threats need to be taken seriously. No one in either a secular or theological position of authority in the Islamic world has taken a strong stand against what the Christian world regards as radical intolerance, leading us to question whether the intolerance is actually mainstream rather than radical to the Muslims.

Changing reference to a deity from God to Allah not only discards centuries of cultural tradition embodied in literature, music and public discourse, it is likely to make the problem of intolerance worse.

The depiction of Allah in art is also considered blasphemous. Wouldn't Muslims find it offensive to see depictions of Allah created by Christians, such as in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican?

The more you appease intolerant behavior, the more you encourage it.