The feds do their jobs

Thursday, September 13, 2007

It may seem discouraging that corruption among public officials still occurs in this country as it has all over the world throughout recorded history.

Recently, FBI agents arrested 11 public officials and an individual in a New Jersey corruption probe, including mayors, state legislators, city council members and school board members.

All 12 are accused of taking cash payments of $1,500 to $17,500 to influence who received public contracts, according to criminal complaints filed by the U.S, Attorney's Office.

Such behavior by people in positions of authority and trust are shocking, which is actually the good news.

In many parts of the world, bribery is standard procedure for dealing with the government or even executives of private corporations. It permeates all levels of many societies, from obtaining a permit to operate a fruit stand to being awarded a billion dollar contract.

We don't accept it as standard operating procedure in the United States. We do not naively believe that bribery never occurs or is always discovered but we have to assume that it is fairly rare.

Our country is a relatively honest one and rural areas of the country are even more honest.