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Winding Roads: Campaign headache

Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's been a while since I've weighed in on the presidential campaigns. I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I listen to the reports of who is ahead of whom. Yet, I still know we need to listen now and then to get a sense of what each of these folks stands for. At least make an effort as many soldiers' lives are lost trying to preserve freedom around the globe so we can have our say.

Hillary is being proclaimed the winner of the Democratic hopefuls. Wouldn't it just be lovely if Al Gore steps up and all those low IQ activists rally around him as he holds his Nobel Peace prize?

Can you just imagine the conversation between the two of them on a high power phone call as to how each could come out as a winner? Would they want to develop a very hot special team to run this country? Who would be top dog? Don't think for one minute Gore hasn't a burning desire to sit in the White House. He is probably praying it will open the door for him. After all, there is more than one drought area in this country and they are getting slightly frantic about their water shortage.

A case can be made for the need to preserve and conserve our many resources and who better is known for touting that message than Gore. The Clintons have left him in the dust as many of the Clinton "groupies" viewed him as an eyesore -- an embarrassment to the party. Can Gore resurrect himself with some self respect?

Whatever you say about the Clintons, and I do mean the plural form, they are pros at turning on the charm. They have it perfected. I love watching them with a glee in their eyes, a smile on their lips and greed in their hearts. They will do everything for everyone. My main concern is how we will pay for it.

By this time, I probably have 40 percent of the readers fuming while 50 percent are laughing and 10 percent saying it means nothing to them. I honestly don't know who I will vote for yet. But I know it won't be Hillary or Gore.

I may have noted I have one very serious brother who will vote Democratic but not for Hillary. I have another brother who will never vote for a Democrat as he is a strong Republican. It's oil and water at family gatherings when politics come up for discussion. It makes for lively discussions along with many good laughs as well.


I have a family member who is quite knowledgeable about the airplane industry and so I asked about the cost overrun of one of the government's latest plane order. I commented that they are breaking the taxpayer's back with all these extra costs. He was quick to point out how cost overruns come about.

The government is always making some changes on the blueprints after plans for the planes have been developed and fabricated. Thus, builders have to take a step or two backwards and each step costs money to bring it forward and delays the final product.

It stands to reason that is what really is happening. Some thorough planning needs to be done before a go is given to have these planes become a reality.

Meanwhile, work continues on other aspects for this plane.


Speaking of government spending, how do you like the building complex that is going up in Iraq? The price tag is so ridiculous as it is a pricier example of what is wrong with how our government is operated. They spend money like it falls from the sky. By all reports it has everything under the sun not only to provide space for doing the country's business there but also to entertain and accommodate everyone who has a role in the embassy.

On one hand we are told that progress is being made in that country and in time one can live a normal life yet we are putting up a $600 billion (or million as either is way too much) structure in order that everyone has a safety net to live there. How are we to pay for all this military equipment and take care of our soldiers' needs is a sobering thought.

But we must thankfully remember that we can voice our thoughts here.