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Monday, May 2, 2016

Winding Roads:Cheap labor not so cheap

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

With all of the hullabaloo being raised in New York about wanting to give illegals a driver's license, it just irritates me plenty. Why these folks supporting illegals just don't see the light is beyond me

Recently I had someone remind me, as if I needed to be reminded, about the true cost of tomato pickers for example. We hear so often that these folks cross over the borders illegally to be employed and serve our needs for keeping costs down.

Let's begin with education for illegals' children and the added costs of teaching English as a second language which may well fall under Title 1, meaning students are more apt to come from lower social economic levels.

Most protesters in California saying that we should welcome illegals with open arms are those people who don't have much. These same schools provide them with free breakfasts and lunches. Out there, their breakfasts are a full meal that some say would make the Marriott proud. Those familiar with the schools commented the food waste there is immense. Our tax dollars at work.

Many of these students are slightly overweight to obese. About 75 percent of those students have cell phones. Unwed teenage mothers, some are as young as 13, can attend classes as babysitters are provided for them. Our tax dollars again at work.

These same schools have a terribly high rate of graffiti which shows how appreciative they are of what is being done for them in this country. A good percentage of their behavior is not what you would want your children to imitate.

Other aids for these illegals is relief from energy bills as is receiving housing by getting subsidized rent. They also qualify for food stamps. So free medical, free food, free day care and yet they still want more.

We have added costs by printing legal documents in Spanish. When our parents came here legally, they learned English and worked hard to fit right in.

Lets look at the real cost of getting a tomato picked. We have higher insurance, medical facilities are struggling, lower standards with struggling school budgets, crime rates increase, over-crowding and perhaps disease. I think we'd be better off paying more for our tomatoes.

Many Hispanics are just as disgusted as we are. They came here legally and did it right. Now these illegals are making it hard for Hispanics to hold their heads high.

Mexico's culture does not hold education in highest regard nor do they think it's wrong for children to work as adults. Cheap labor is really not cheap.

I think these politicians who support driver's licenses and amnesty want the Mexicans' vote. That body of people certainly can have a major impact on which candidate wins. It's like we are giving our country away, piece by piece--excuse me, I mean illegal by illegal. Our politicians simply want to keep their job and to have the opportunity to get their free gifts and trips from lobbyist. They keep finding ways to get around the laws. I think more than not need a shot if integrity

Politicians need to go back to school where i learned about patriotism and doing only those things that are good for the majority of Americans rather than be so self-serving. Our borders need to be closed or else there isn't much need to have laws for the rest of us to follow. The rich get richer and the poor poorer--no that's not correct. It's the rich get richer, the middle class becomes extinct and the poor will loot. For those of you who haven't voiced your opinion to those in office, it's time you do. The U.S. is on a slippery slope. When your vote really doesn't count, it's too late then.