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Friday, May 6, 2016

Winding Roads: Greed - a rampant disease

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It truly is disgusting how so many people who have so much can want even more. Didn't these people read the same history books I did, or did the lesson just not take hold?

I was raised with the idea that you only did things that would enhance your town, state or country. You helped those who needed help and yes, with the idea that folks tried to do the best with what they had. It is called patriotism.

The papers and newscasts are just full of people who are in a position of leadership milking their roles for all they're worth.

They can be politicians, CEOs, sit on institution boards and so forth. They can have fine homes, drive high-end vehicles, travel extensively, and rub elbows with the powers that be. Yet, that isn't enough for them.

Are they embarrassed to be exposed to you or I? Probably not - or else they wouldn't be doing what they do. They no doubt tell themselves they earn every dime they wrestle away to their own personal accounts.

I couldn't believe that these well-educated folks who serve on the ACT board would stoop that low.

Every one of them are not in need by any stretch of the imagination. Yet they request major dollars to reimburse them for their efforts of service.

For you who may not remember, the juniors and seniors in high school take an ACT test to get the best score possible to be accepted in universities. Students in need hope to receive financial help. The general public is told they don't have money to throw around, and are selective in doling out dollars.

Why would you need $50,000 - let alone a half million -when one is financially set? Greed!

The same goes for CEOs of industries and institutions. What constitutes a healthy retirement for some individuals is beyond me. Why not serve on such boards as an honor? Good causes require a board to run the organization to support the effort. Think how much money could be saved.

How many politicians are sitting on this or that board giving a little input and take home a big pay check. It's terrible and yet they keep wanting more.

A CEO does a terrific job of running a company to make money so the company thinks they need to give him a another million a year. Why not give the workers a raise? Unions came about due to greed.

There are millions of dollars that are spent on fighting a war and rebuilding a country, but end up who knows where and no one gets held accountable for losing money? How ridiculous is that?

We are a stupid, greedy country when we have so many of our leaders not having the guts to speak their mind, just so they can be re-elected to a soft, mindless life. How can we teach the youth of this country to respect leaders, when they are not leading?

I get so disgusted. I know so many are sick of politicians and tired of listening to their sound bites, but you must. We have to try to determine who has our best interest at heart overall. Who has more of a pure heart to try to rectify some of our miseries?

Thanks for reading, and let these folks know they stink!