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Times Gone By

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Circus comes to town! In the old days when the Circus came to town, they were met with great fanfare. Here is a look at a classic calliope. A calliope is a "musical instrument that produces sound by sending steam through whistles, originally locomotive whistles."
100 years ago

Lester Spinharney, youngest son of Mr .and Mrs. Jas. Spinharney, was taken to Sioux City Tuesday by his parents to see an eye specialist concerning Lester's left eye, which he injured some weeks ago but the specialist gave them no hope - in fact said he could never regain his eyesight in that eye. Lester several weeks ago was the victim of an accident which occurred while he and some playmates were out in the woods and since that he had been receiving treatment both local and Sioux City doctors but to no purpose. Lester has the sympathy of many friends and while he suffers some with his eye now it is not thought that it will at all disfigure his face but will cause him no little inconvenience in his school work.

Quimby Monitor: A prominent farmer living several miles south of town, who is an ardent admirer of William Jennings Bryan, and who a few years back was conspicuous in his enthusiasm for "the free unlimited coinage of silver, etc., etc., was the victim of a little joke here Tuesday. It seems that a short time ago he took some hogs to Cushing and sold them, he was compelled to take a Chicago draft instead of the cash. Last week he had some cattle to turn off and he sold them to Wray Wright at this place. With the Cushing deal fresh in his mind the gentleman insisted before the deal was closed that Wray should pay him in cash, checks, draft of other forms of bankable paper would not be accepted. Knowing his customer's friendliness for the white metal Wray got 100 silver dollars, and after the cattle had been delivered Tuesday afternoon he produced the coin and counted out 100 pieces one at time. Our friend was game and made no kick but said: "If Bryan had been elected, all of our money would be like this." Shouldering the sack of silver, weighing over twenty-five pounds, he endeavored to convert the same into bills of larger denomination and more convenient to carry, but he was not successful, and was compelled to take the silver home with him. But he got money for his cattle anyway.

Cherokee Aviation - This is one of the first reported airplanes to land in Cherokee County. Not much else is known about the craft or its owner.
The gentleman who was the victim of the above joke in the "Cross of Gold" campaign was such an ardent admirer of Bryan that he attended Republican meeting for the purpose of firing questions at the speakers. We don't suppose that the above lesson in the inconvenience of specie will however prevent the gentleman from continuing to shout for Bryan.

75 years ago

Radiogram From The Daily Icycle

Published at Nome, Alaska

Chamber of Commerce, Cherokee, Iowa:

"We were listening in last night and got your message to Santa Claus. If you do not hear from him today, we will repeat your message to him Thanksgiving. He will surely be at home that day."

Nome Daily Icycle

After receiving a radiogram from the Nome Daily Icycle stating that the message sent to Santa Claus was received and would be relayed, Paul H. Caswell, Santa's local correspondent, wrote a letter to Cherokee county kiddies telling them all about it. This is what he said in his letter:

Dear Kiddies: As you know we sent a radiogram to Santa Claus asking him to come to Cherokee early in December to spend a day and to get acquainted with Cherokee boys and girls. We have not received a reply but feel sure we will have one by Thursday. As you know, Santa Claus lives at the North Star Lodge, North Pole. At this time of the year he is very busy.

Main Street Cherokee An early look at downtown Cherokee, looking west on Main St. Note the old county courthouse in the back ground.
In the first place he has a huge factory, bigger than all of the buildings at the Cherokee state hospital, and in it hundreds and hundreds of gnomes are busy making up huge bags full of toys, dolls, games, sleds, airplanes and just everything else that you can think of that will make little boys and girls happy.

Santa Claus was probably working at the factory so has not received our invitation. We are certain that he will get it Thanksgiving day and within a day of two after that we expect to hear from him. Just keep watching for more news about Santa Claus, kiddies, and we will do everything we can to get him to Cherokee. Have you written your letter to your friend yet?

Paul H. Caswell, president of the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce

Roy McManus and Melvin Waddell who confessed stealing tankage and feed from the Farmers' elevator at Larrabee June 1931; were given suspended sentences of not to exceed 10 years at the men's reformatory of Anamosa by Judge O. S. Thomas in Cherokee district court Tuesday. McManus was paroled to his father, Walter McManus, and Waddell to his father, Jesse J. Waddell.

Each defendant appeared in court, declined counsel and waived arraignment and time to plead. They pleaded guilty to the charge of larceny in the night time and asked for immediate sentencing. The sentence of imprisonment at the men's reformation was not to exceed 10 years was suspended, defendants paroled and their bonds released.

James W. Loucks, alleged to have accompanied the two to the elevator, was found guilty by a jury in the September term of Cherokee district court and sentenced to the reformatory. He has appealed the case.

Eleven witnesses testified for the plaintiff in the suit of Helen Sutton vs James H. Fee Tuesday. This concluded the plaintiff's evidence and defendant's evidence commenced Wednesday.

T. D. Boothby of Cherokee; Dr. A. F. O'Donohue, Dr. J. M. Kingstine, Mrs. Helen Clark, Mrs. Margaret Gifford and Mrs. Ida M. Lawrence of Sioux City; Goldie Hoeppner, Ott Conley, Clarence Boothby, Lawrence Robinson and Harold Gerard of Washta were witnesses.

50 years ago

Rachel Moeller of Quimby, a member of Holstein Amvet Auxiliary, is shown with membership trophies, which she accepted at state convention in Clinton on behalf of Holstein Amvet Auxiliary.

Mrs. Moeller, a member since 1953, was senior vice president of the organization in 1954-55, and president in 1955-56 when the Holstein Auxiliary won three trophies for membership. One was for 100% renewal of memberships, two for the largest percent of increase. A bronze plaque for meritorious service and a certificate of merit for both the state and national organizations were other honors received.

Mrs. Moeller herself received a 1955 and 1956 pin for signing up five new members in 1955 and 10 in 1956.

The Amvets Auxiliary is a state and national organization dedicated to perpetuate pence, promote Americanism and to help veterans help themselves.

Six Miss Merry Christmases have been named to date by Timesland schools to take part in the Santa Claus parade and Yule season opening here November 29.

They are: Pat Mogensen of Meriden, Sharon Haburn, Washta, Sylvia Luetkeman of Brooke, Judy King of Grand Meadow, Janice Rupp of Cleghorn, Dorothy Lottman of Larrabee.

Miss Mogensen, 17-year-old daughter of Andrew Mogensen, is a senior at Meriden Consolidated School. Her activities include drama and basketball and she is a class officer.

The daughter of Mrs. Gladys Haburn, Miss Haburn is 16 and is a Washta High School senior. She is a member of the Student Council, Glee Club, Pep Club, Canine Club and the annual staff.

Miss Haburn also takes part in basketball and softball and is a football cheerleader.

Miss Luetkeman, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs. Edward Luetkeman of Aurelia, is a junior at Brooke Consolidated School Her activities include girls' sextet, mixed chorus, public speaking and basketball.

She is a cheerleader, assistant editor of the annual and on the newspaper staff.

Miss King is the 17-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence King of Quimby. A senior at Grand Meadow Consolidated School, she plans to be a teacher.

Miss King is a cheerleader and takes part in band and glee club activities. She is on both the annual and newspaper staffs and is a 4-H historian.

The 17-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rupp, Miss Rupp is a Cleghorn High School senior. Her activities include band and mixed chorus, girls glee club, declamatory and 4-H. She is editor of the school paper and a member of the annual staff.

Miss Lottman, 17, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lottman. A Larrabee High school senior, she plays basketball and is a member of 4-H. She also takes part in band, drama, mixed chorus and regular chorus activities and is a member of the clarinet trio.

25 years ago

Gerald Britt, 34, of 200 N. Roosevelt Ave. was reported in fair condition Monday night in the Marian Health Center, Sioux City, after undergoing surgery for wounds suffered when he was shot Monday morning at his residence by an unknown assailant. Britt apparently was shot shortly before 7 a.m. as he approached his pickup truck that was parked in the driveway of his residence. He reportedly was leaving for his job at Motor Parts Sales.

Britt was taken by ambulance to the Buena Vista County Hospital, where his doctor practices. He later was transferred to the Sioux City hospital.

The shooting is under investigation by the Cherokee Police Department and three agents from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, who were mum on details of the incident. However, one law enforcement officer confirmed Britt was shot once in the arm and once in the leg.

Police would not say what type of gun was used in the shooting.

While rumors about the incident spread quickly around Cherokee, many of the neighbors who live in the immediate area near Britt's residence said Monday they were either asleep at the time of the shooting or they didn't hear or see anything suspicious.

Police Chief Norm Hill said Monday night all of the city's police force is involved in the investigation, with many of the officers working double shifts.

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