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Monday, May 2, 2016

Winding Roads:What spirit is this?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The holiday race is on, with so many activities going on that I need to mark my calendar before I forget one. I'm not complaining, as it is better to be busy than sit around and counting your fingers and toes.

The leaves are down for the most part. We picked a day and put up our outdoor lights last week. That night we came back home after dark and I was surprised to see the trees lit up. I was informed (by you know who), he let them come on to see if the timer was working right. Now with Thanksgiving over, they are on.

Right after Thanksgiving I get out the house decorations. We purchased one of those pre-lit trees and I thought I'd be forever getting the all branches fluff out. For me, it was a three-hour chore to get the tree decorated.

It's more difficult to get in the holiday mood with deaths of acquaintances to morn. These courageous folks fought their own personal battle with cancer. Then too, I have a brother who is just starting down that road and hate to think of what lies ahead.

All this makes me focus on once more the simple things in life we take for granted every day such as clean fresh air we breathe and good water to drink. When we read about global warming one wonders how serious this might be. Some people do not want to think about it but I'm believe we should. We run here and there with no thought about how we should conserve our natural resources.

I'm wondering what kids would do today if most of their toys were not hitch to a battery or electricity or computers. Remember when it was fun to play with paper dolls, shoot hoops, go skating, toss a ball, pedal a regular bike (no ten speeds) or how about those scooters, jump rope, played checkers and every so many board games.

Most of everything is made elsewhere and has been for many years now including the tree we purchased. I wonder how long it will be until we'll be writing an annual check to pay taxes to China. Only then we'll see what we have thrown away through greed. Much of our canned food comes from China. Read the label and put it back is what I'm trying to do.

Our president has created a bad image for this country and we have aided this effort by showing our greed and wasting so much. Most of our country is much better off than much of the world but do we recognize that fact in our daily lives.

Our neighbors to the far south are threatening us with higher oil prices. Whether it's true or not, they think we are only interested in a country if we can get oil from it and they will hold us hostage for that oil. What a mess this all is.

Meanwhile we have corporate greed managing too much of the general public getting them out at 4 a.m. to go Christmas shopping. Are we all nuts or what? Every year some company tries to push for an even earlier opening so customers can tramp over each other. How many years before stores will open at midnight as soon as the last Thanksgiving holiday moment has legally passed?

I truly feel sorry for employees such as K-Mart and Walmart who have to work, I was told Christmas is the only day they are actually closed. I wish no one would darken their doors on Thanksgiving to send their management a message. People are herded in like animals.

My daughter was sharing the fact that the outside of places like Best Buy is truly a sight as folks even leave blankets, remnants of food and drink all over where the line was formed outside. Employees are too busy to pick up their mess in a metropolitan area like D.C

Greed takes over our souls. Most of us don't need all that much. One of the city papers did a page filled with stories about favorite Christmas gifts and all of them were very inexpensive gifts given in very hard times. Gifts given with much thought. We need to go back to that time and appreciate each other more by showing thoughfulness.