DAR Donates Cemetery Directory

Monday, December 3, 2007
Friends of Afton Cemetery gathered together at the cemetery on Nov. 21 to dedicate the first cemetery directory and locator board in Cherokee County. Photo by Mike Leckband

The Pilot Rock chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution donated a Directory/Locator Board on Nov. 21 to Afton Township Cemetery - the first one to go into one of the 24 cemeteries in Cherokee County.

Mike Rose of Valley Glass created and assembled the Directory. It is double-sided with hinged glass doors in a commercial grade aluminum framework. The interior is Marine plywood faced with corkboard.

The directory will enable cemetery caretakers to pin or staple a map on one side and a list of names with their location by section, block and lot number on the opposite side.

The Afton Directory support structure is made of green treated 6' x 6' timbers encased in white plastic. The Afton Ladies Cemetery Association financed the outside structure. Doris Grasholf is the current bookkeeper for the association. Doris and her husband, Rusty, with the help of Dolan Grashoff and Ruby and Larry Johnson set the framework. Haselhoff Construction donated the use of a skid steer, posthole auger and trailer.

Doris got a map of the cemetery copied at the County Engineer's office. The listing of names and locations has been done by generations of "Book-keepers" and cemetery walkers such as Letha and Marie Smith, Joyce Phipps Pyle, Phyllis Elliot and Doris Grashoff. Don and Annette Blake who put it on the Internet did the most current compilation and typing.

There are 24 cemeteries in Cherokee County. Pilot Rock DAR proposed to give a locator system and board to each one whose caretakers express an interest, and who are willing to provide the installation and care of a support structure which complements their own unique cemetery. This can be of wood, rock or plastic; bulletin framework or a gazebo.

Surveyors were sent to all Township Trustees, Board clerks, and church or city caretakers. It is the hope of the DAR that others will see the example of what was done in Afton and request a similar gift for other cemeteries.

Pilot Rock DAR can offer these boards, which cost between $500 and $1,000, due to the generous bequest of Florene Frisbie. It is the belief of the DAR that Florene would see this project as benefiting the rural communities, families and friends, by providing an easier way to see where individuals are buried within the cemetery.

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