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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winding Roads: Value Local Efforts

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I spent half a day shopping in Sioux City on Wednesday so I could actually return three items purchased two weeks prior. I hit two stores and while there, took the opportunity to ask clerks how did the day after Thanksgiving go. One did not open in the wee hours while the other opened at 5 a.m.

All the clerks said it was nuts and even if they could go, they wouldn't. Most said they valued their time too much. When I wrote the last column, I had no idea West Des Moines malls open right after midnight and it was one wild mess.

The more I think about it, I keep coming up with how corporations feel they can manage the masses by dangling a carrot out there. People hoping to purchase a TV or small appliance and save $100 to $200 should realize that some may not be available in a particular store. Think about it. If they would have enough to satisfy the masses, they'd lose too much money or at least no profits would be made for the day. They aren't going to do that.

I guess if you have absolutely nothing to do that day but freeze and observe many non-thinkers, that's your choice. I just value my time more than that. On the other side, how much respect do you have for those folks who need a job that calls them to give up a family holiday and to work unheard of hours?

I know I am in dream land when I say again, it would be nice if no one darkens these places of businesses on "Black Friday" or on those ungodly hours.


Talking about shopping, I know you may think I get paid to say this - but really, Cherokee County folks should shop as much as possible locally. Times are not easy for many and while fuel hovers around $3, why not smarten up and shop local. Using a fuel card is handy so you only write one check a month for fuel. But, for those folks who charge fuel in hopes of coming up with money at the end of the month... Well, for some, I understand it is becoming quite a difficult hurdle for them to jump. Meanwhile, the interest keeps adding up faster and faster. Then there is the heating bill for the home. Usually, January becomes a wake-up call for many and depression sets in.

Not only has fuel driven their accounts down, so did all the gifts they got carried away with buying. Keeping up with the Joneses has become an epidemic.

I understand Sioux City is now losing their one remaining fabric store. Keep supporting what we have here locally.

When your teens want to head to the city, remind them it isn't the city stores that support their teams and all their other activities - It isn't Woodbury County sales tax supporting local school districts.

Although quite a few people work elsewhere, the majority work for businesses around and in the county. Let the money change hands locally to keep Cherokee County economy humming. Support local events and you'll have less stress to deal with in the long run.