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Gray Matter : Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

That beautiful holy day on which we commemorate the birth of Christ is almost upon us. As it approaches I have been noticing several things that set this season apart from those of recent years. Here in Iowa, at least, we are so inundated with politics that many Christmas matters have been crowded aside. Commercial promotions, of course, are not among them. Retailers are pulling out all the stops to make the most of the season. On the other hand, I haven't seen or heard a single one of the unpleasant put-downs of group Christmas letters that have been so plentiful the last few years. They have been crowded out by all of the political blurbs, which may be the only good thing to be said about the latter. You may remember my defense of those messages a year ago. Well, they are again starting to arrive in my mailbox and I am thoroughly enjoying every single one of them.

Hopefully we are all trying hard to keep Christ in Christmas. Last year's advice of a well-known TV minister is worth repeating. At that time he told us that a good starting point was to choose our Yuletide Cards with a Christ-centered theme. After all, it is His birthday. Wryly, he suggested that if it were your birthday and your name was Charlie you wouldn't appreciate getting a card addressed to Joe. You see the point -- so many of what should be Christ's birthday cards speak to Santa or Rudolph or whomever.

If you are physically able, do try to celebrate Sabbath and Advent Services in His house. If you have children or grandchildren around, it's particularly important to schedule your shopping for some time other than Sunday so it doesn't interfere with church attendance. Setting a good example by having your own priorities in order is the best way to teach them.

I am planning to travel to be with family for Christmas, so I'm trusting that all will go well. I request a wheel chair anymore so that eases the stress in making airport connections. We planned things so I would be back in plenty of time to go to my caucus of choice. However, when I realized that attending the caucus will mean a trip out of town at night, I began losing a bit of my enthusiasm. Much as I would love to participate, it may not work out. Still, that doesn't keep me from urging all of you, who are able, to take part in this golden opportunity to influence the selection of our next president.

Now, you see how easy it is. In spite of my best intentions to stay focused on Christmas I have segued into political action. Enough is enough! I will stop right now and extend to all of you my Best Wishes for a Merry, Christ-Centered, Christmas and a Blessed New Year!