Take part in Democracy

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We urge members of a political party to participate in the Iowa caucus process on Thursday Jan. 3.

There are people who will not participate because they are independents, not affiliated with either party. We respect this decision.

What we don't support is a decision not to participate because a person doesn't understand the process.

There will be many first-time caucus goers in attendance and there is no reason to be embarrassed because of inexperience.

Part of the reason that caucuses have less participation than primaries could be the requirement that people openly declare a preference in a caucus.

We understand the need for a secret ballot in the final stage of an election process, but it seems appropriate when determining who will be representing a party that people should be willing to be open in advocating a particular candidate, at least among fellow members of the party.

It is decision time in Iowa.