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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Winding Roads: Proud Americans, are we?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I like that song, "God Bless the USA", with its line "I'm proud to be an American," as it brings out a patriotic feeling. We are proud because we think this country has brave citizens who are hard working and dedicated to making this the best country ever. It was a given that responsible citizens make decisions based on that premise. Am I living in the dark ages or what?

Since last week, the news is telling us that many of our fighter planes are not stable because one major piece needed to hold the plane together is faulty. The result is that the front section of the plane breaks off from the body, something that happened last summer. The crew safely ejected. The Defense Department is now in a pickle to have enough planes to take care of what needs to be done. I think the number of defective planes was at least a thousand and possibly more.

Meanwhile pilots are flying older planes used for training and hoping to get by. So isn't that just peachy. We have announced to the world we are short on planes like big time when they are desperately needed to fight a war.

Planes are not rebuilt overnight. They will have to be taken apart and a new piece created that will do a good job in holding the plane together. I'm sure the military is having fits not to mention of cost of such a blunder. Someone's head should roll.

Now the national media are playing up the idea that the U.S. is heading towards a recession. Did that news surprise you? I have to laugh. Just watch how folks spend and how happy merchants are with their dollar sales.

Many may have had a hard time putting food on the table while making Christmas a special day, buying a few things for their kids to unwrap and keeping their house warm from the cold. January will be a very hard cold month for many as bills are delivered in the mail.

We are fortunate that the rural economy is doing as well as it is. Grain and livestock prices are doing well. But much of those higher prices will be paid back out for fertilizer, chemicals, feedstuff and seed. Those who live through employment in a factory always seem to be at risk for losing their jobs as cutbacks abound. It is more than discussing how the CEOs and those at management level can earn so much while the little guy is hardly breaking even.

Getting back to the planes, was it the little guy on the line that screwed up or management, which drew the plans and designed the faulty part? Will we ever know? You can bet the taxpayer will foot the bill.

If that doesn't sicken you enough, I'm sure the murder of two young girls in Sioux City by their father figure must have. The mother said she has always loved her husband and asked how could she turn on him with having loved him. I'm afraid my love would turn to hate on a dime, I wouldn't even want to ever see or hear about him again.

If he was so weird in his thoughts about religion, she should have realized how unsafe kids would be left in his care. What was she thinking? Kids never should have to be raised in such a home and I'm fearful of how many children are in many such environments.

I feel for the police and firemen who have to answer those calls and come up on such tragic conditions. It would take some counseling to get over it.