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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Winding Roads: What a frustrating time!

Friday, February 8, 2008

What do we do to knock some sense into most of the politicians' heads in D,C.---it is absolutely hopeless. Would a few hundred dollars make that much difference to most of us? Our government is going to borrow dollars to send many folks a check to spur the economy on. This is absolutely nuts.

People do not borrow on credit when they are in debt up to their eyebrows. One reason is that most banks would view one as a high risk and not loan the money. Our government is in debt up to the top of our nations' capitol and China for one is delighted as they loan us even more money. I have sarcastically said that the day is coming when we will write our tax check to China instead of the IRS. I definitely think that day could come.

Both parties are falling all over each other rushing to pass this stimulus package with the ulterior motive of thinking they will be able to hold on to their political office by winning our favor. I'd like to fire all of them who vote yes on this ridiculous idea.

Most of what we purchase is made outside of our country's borders. I'm no rocket scientist but even I said way-back-when the NAFTA trade agreement was made, it was not a good idea. Many good paying jobs have been lost to other countries and the economy is floundering.

If you are borrowing money, the lower interest will help you out. If you use interest to live on, it isn't a good situation.

As far as the home mortgage industry, I'm tickled that some cities are going after them. Let them reap what they have sown in the name of greed. They never should have lent the huge sums of money to folks who had no equity. Sending these checks to the public is a crazy idea. Our government will be paying interest on interest.

What would be a better idea is to find a way to monitor all of the expensive pork barrel projects that politicians pander back to their states. Talk about a way to save money. Meanwhile the bridges and infrastructures that need to be replaced will not be due to the lack of funds.

Then there are the candidates. Let me tell you we are getting up a creek without a paddle. We should be thankful that Bill Clinton was so vocal so more folks can easily see how manipulative and deceptive he can be. I'm sure there were plenty of hot words uttered between him and Hillary. They showed their true colors and I would hope she will not win a seat in the White House. Edwards was too shallow perhaps plus the media passed on him. Remember how much power the media has.

Obama is a man of integrity but experience he certainly lacks. More importantly, will he have the ability to surround himself with knowledgeable people. He is a sharp cookie and so, I hope he will be his party's choice then.

On the other side of the ledger, I was tickled pink to see Giuliani back out. Thank God! He was so arrogant and deceitful. John McCain rubs me wrong. He is stubborn, tunnel vision and no friend of Iowa or the rural economy. Yes, that leaves me with Romney.

But I have to admit that the Republican primary for all intents and purposes is over thanks to the national media. McCain will no doubt be the winner.

I'm not so sure that Democrats lost their best candidates after New Hampshire due to the lack of funds.

Hucklebee should be forgotten. I would never vote for that man.

Meanwhile our soldiers keep fighting the fight with many bearing much more than any one person should have to do while these pious politicians think the world revolves around them. We all should keep this country in our prayers. But also remember the Lord helps those who help themselves. Think and read between the lines as an important vote is coming up in November.