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Winding Roads: It all depends on one's perspective

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Growing old to enjoy those "senior years" is proclaimed to be the most enjoyable period of one's life span. I can only admit that I wasn't as smart as I thought I was as an adult passing through the decades of life.

When I turned 30, I was depressed as I believed my youth had passed and I was entering the middle ages. I couldn't believe I was that old already and wanted to deny the whole thing. The 40th did not bother me at all, and I laughed at the fuss many make about that year. The 50th didn't phase me, but the 60th birthday had me depressed all over again.

The grey hair was plentiful, and I began to wish that I kept on dying it. I notice how many women ran around without grey but most of their husbands were either balding or had oodles of grey hair. I thought that seemed silly yet I wished I had. Now I would shock everyone if I did and I really would look weird.

Besides the hair, it becomes a matter of aching bones and getting worn out much faster. I clearly remember walking in the bean field the last time out. I had come to enjoy that task as i liked seeing a "weed-free field". Looking back, I can appreciated the fact that it was good exercise and when completed, it was pure pleasure to view.

This winter has been a real bonanza for snowmobilers. I wish I was 20 years younger so I could go out and ride one but I think I would kill myself if I was on one today. I have wonderful memories of riding with friends and family.

Now, aging means that wanting to get something out of a cupboard can be a real test of endurance as you reach down and back. Slide-out drawers are definitely a must if you are planning for your old age. Right now our refrigerator has the freezer on top. We were used to having a freezer on bottom and it was so much more useful as you get in the refrig portion more than a freezer. My better half threatens to get rid of it every other week.

Another activity I really do enjoy is painting. Again, my better half has a fit when I do and tells me to hire it done. I did paint a bathroom before Thanksgiving and it took me twice as long as it should have. Sore muscles abounded. Being my stubborn self, I took the spare bedroom on and whistled as i worked so to speak. But I paid for it later. I think that about ends my major painting project although I have boasted that i could easily paint the outside of our home. Well, I guess I know by now that is an empty threat.

Besides the exercise, growing old means your eating does change. I didn't use to mind eating leftovers but now it seldom occurs. I just don't like it. I have learned to divide a cake in half when baking and freeze half. many times I ship it off to someone else who would like some. I still need to cut the quantity back when cooking. I couldn't understand 20-30 years ago women would complain how hard it is to cook when you get older. i thought they were just whiners but now I understand. I just do some guess and by-golly cooking. Some are successful and other are a great reason for going out to eat.

One of the big frustrations about growing old is trying to make a decision. I used to make a decision quickly but now I can ponder over it for some time and after it has been made, still wonder if I did it right.

Another irritating characteristic of getting older is getting to sleep at night. Around 9 p.m., I have to make a real effort to stay awake and then after 10:30 p.m., with eyes closed, I can toss and turn for 60-90 minutes before I nod off. One wakes up in the morning and feel like you need more sleep.

But the absolute heart-wrenching thing about growing older is missing your loved ones that die before you. It's like a service group who has one bottle of wine for the last one in the group to drink before he dies. Do you really want to be the last guy? But then, we never know when that day or hour will arrive.

You know you are getting old when the highest percentage of the number of bills paid are derived from health problems. It always makes me think we should have invested in pharmaceutical companies. You know you are getting older when your closet has more clothes than you can possibly wear out.

On the positive side, one does have the time to travel, to take up a hobby and do your favorite activities. We relish taking all the time we want for our children and grandchildren.

I think it is very important that one stays as busy as can be or else you'll become a dried up old prune or a sour lemon. I try to keep a smile on my face and roll with the times. As a young adult, I did not comprehend possible anxieties one has as they grow older. I wish I had.

Yes, you may have guessed it, by the time you read this I will have started on my next decade with one wish--- not to try to guess what it will bring.