Air superiority is a must

Monday, February 25, 2008

The ability to strike an enemy from the air rapidly and with pinpoint accuracy is a key element of our country's ability to project military might around the world.

The question of whether we should continue projecting military might to the extent we do now is a question worthy of exploring, but based on our present commitments in Afghanistan and Iraq, much more is needed in the budget for our Air Force.

Air Force officials are warning that unless their budget is increased dramatically, and soon, the military's high-flying branch won't dominate the skies as it has for decades.

After more than seven years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Air Force's aging jet fighters, bombers, cargo aircraft and gunships are at the breaking point, they say, and expensive, ultramodern replacements are needed fast.

Recently, a fatal jet accident was blamed on nothing more than the deterioration of an aircraft because of age. No matter how well equipment is made, it will eventually wear out.

We can't afford to let more fatal failures of aircraft drive this point home.