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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Winding Roads:Winter & bunnies and one road

Thursday, February 28, 2008

This winter is getting back to the winters many of us endured for years. Iowans love to complain about the harshness of winter in Iowa and how high the drifts of snow kept us hibernating to stay warm.

We hear comments of the earth getting warmer (of which there is scientific evidence), but a winter like this gives many with tunnel vision reason to negate the whole idea.

Actually, we still haven't begun to get the snow we had 35-40 years ago and back then, I always was hearing elderly farmers recall snow storms of the thirties. I just hope that many of the rivers and lakes will get refurbished through all of this added moisture. There are still plenty of places where moisture is lacking and in fact, some are still worried about the Missouri River.

No doubt we will have flooding and the severity will depend on how quickly it melts. We have received our first seed catalogue and we have been pondering on ideas of what we'd like to plant. We only have four to five weeks left of this.

Easter is going to be early and I just can't seem to get enthusiastic about putting out the bunny decor. First of all, I'd have to climb over a snow drift to change the flag banner for the season and it just doesn't beckon me strongly enough. I did put 75 percent of snowmen away. I look at some of the bunnies, then turn my back as I shut the storage door. Maybe next week---who knows.

Husband is getting cabin fever and wants to hit the road. I just haven't been too thrilled to do so. I don't want to get caught between here and there looking at four walls of a motel room. But I'm getting the fever. Why? Let me tell you.

I would hope by now you have heard of this massive road project that Mexico wants us to build so they can drive their trucks straight up to Canada. I have heard Texans are against it as many of their homes and businesses may be in the path of the proposed road and the state will just take it regardless. So not only will some feel the financial negatives on that level, they will have added taxes to pay for such a road.

First of all, many Mexican trucks are not in the best shape. Secondly, the drivers have not had proper training to drive a large rig and are unfamiliar with our rules of the road. Thirdly, there no doubt will be plenty of smuggling into our country.

Once again, we have NAFTA trade agreement to thank for all of this. What really burns me is the idea that Mexico has formed a pattern of whining about their lot in life and yet we never hear of their government going forth with any plans to change that. The U.S. can never do enough for Mexico. I see no respect given to our country.

My recommendation is to tell the Mexico they can ship their goods by boat to Canada or else they can come up front with 50 percent of the proposed cost. We have plenty of their citizens running around up here adding to our bills in the name of education, health and safety.

I listen very closely to the debate in Austin the other night on what Obama or Hillary would do about the problems on our southern border. They were in an atmosphere with those present were of Spanish heritage. I was afraid they would cave in to promise all they could to get the Mexican vote. They took a very moderate approach but I was pleased Obama crucified the NAFTA agreement so perhaps there is some hope if he gets in.

I think Hillary will be hanging it up very shortly. But then again, what do I know---Iook at my man Romney who has died for the lack of votes..