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From the Midway: Smoking Ban a Real Bummer

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It is not known at this time if the Iowa Senate has passed the smoking ban for Iowa businesses, although the likely-hood of a ban looks like it's going to be law very soon. It's going to be a sad day.

It's been no secret that I'm a smoker but I'll be ok. My fellow smokers are used to being persecuted. This new action from our nanny state comes as no suprise to me that the anti-smoking advocates are still getting their way by using false studies and good old-fashioned prejudice that is inherent in all of mankind.

The non-smoker can now sit proudly on their high horse and forever look down at the smokers. The non-smokers rights of being able to permanently segregate smokers that is blowing that disgusting toxic smoke in to the face of your precious air space is secure.

The non-smoker can now sleep well at night now knowing that nothing will ever again affect their precious health.

All the dangers in the world will not affect the non-smoker now. This is unless they have ever worked around dust from corn silos. Or, if you have ever been exposed to asbestos. Make sure that your vehicle tail pipe does not have a leak in it. Or, that radon gas is not creeping into your home. If you ever had a job that uses chemicals for cleaning or for that matter those cleaners under you kitchen sink, beware. All are examples of dangerous respiratory-causing conditions. But of course no one ever blames them for being dangerous.

I feel that our Representatives just don't understand how this is going to affect Iowa's economy. The folks in Des Moines or any other major city in Iowa have no idea how this will play out in rural communities. It may be fine for the city folk to ban smoking in their bars and restaurants. They have a higher population and bigger turnover than a small town has.

If you ask local bar owners about how it will affect their business you will find that 80 percent of their costumers smoke and if they don't come out, the business will be hit hard. Do they really think that people are sitting home saying "Thank God I can finally go back to the bar now that it a smoke free?" And if they do there is still the little fact that alcohol-related deaths rank much higher than second-hand smoke. Are there bills in the House or Senate making it illegal to drink at a bar? Well not yet anyhow.

The Iowa Democratic Party is making a big mistake. People have long memories. The Democrats have built a great base in Iowa over the last decade. They used to be the party of the average man and a party of choice. Now it's my way or the highway When you have an attitude like that it will came back and bite you. It blows my mind when we are all paying over $3 a gallon of gas that their biggest priority is second-hand smoke.

There are so many real problems that we face every day, but as long as the Iowa legislators deal with feel-good legislation the real problems won't get dealt with. What burns me the most is the pure hypocrisy of this all. If our government really cares like they claim they do, there wouldn't be any cars on the road or planes in the air. People drown. Why haven't they outlawed swimming?

Remember, none of us get out alive so you might as well enjoy life while you can.

Mike Leckband
From the Midway