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Winding Roads:Spring in the air

Thursday, March 6, 2008

You can feel spring in the air, at least when I was writing this, but in Iowa that can change rapidly. By the time you read this, I will have put my snowmen away and have pulled out all the bunnies and be ready for a new season. I felt I needed to get on a positive note.

This pass week I was mainly focused on heart problems folks were having and it was depressing. It pointed out once again how we never know when our earthly life can be over at any time. It also reminds me how important it is to eat healthy. But as in anything, it doesn't pay to go overboard. That's my excuse for not following what I know is right when I want to indulge myself.

On Thursday night when I was just settling down to relax in my chair, the phone rang and low and behold it was a phone town meeting of sorts with Congressman Steve King. I got hooked and stayed with it for a good hour as people from the fifth district asked him questions. They covered a broad array of issues which were interesting. At the close, I suggested by voice mail he learn to cut off those folks who procrastinated and loved to hear themselves talk.

I was pleased that several brought up the immigration issue. They also felt English is the language of this country and that folks who move into our society should learn English to blend in. One caller noted that in stores when Hispanics speak to each other, they speak in Spanish. They thought it would be beneficial to their children if they would use English to help them become fluent in English. When our forefathers came from various countries, they wanted to learn English and practiced it until they got it.

Another brought up the trade agreements which our taking many jobs away from our middle class. They didn't want a web woven to blend Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A. into one nation. Although King couldn't see that actually happening, he understands how upset Texans are with land being taken away for such a road. He also said that if this takes place, goods would be trucked up to Kansas City to a huge warehouse which would technically be the port of entry into the U.S. He was really against that as it is obvious to any sane person how ridiculous that would be. Mexicans must think we are a huge pushover.

There were so many issues discussed and it was reassuring that 90 percent of the folks on the phone were thinking along the same lines. I think the technology to have these phone town meetings are terrific and I would hope more would follow. It would be interesting to know how many folks were on the line. You could beep in if you wanted to ask a question. Otherwise, you could just follow along. How folks were selected, I don;t know.

King is doing a good job and appears to be knowledgeable in many areas. He tries to work with both parties and uses common sense. I still am struggling with the war but he claims Iraq is shaping up in the last seven months and wants the army to finish the mission. He makes a case, yet I don't know.

I wanted to comment about the refunds sent out to bolster the economy should have gone to building infrastructure or assist with setting up biofuel plants. Creating some jobs would have benefited this country more than these checks. Many of these folks who purchased a different home in the last few years, probably shouldn't have. They were living beyond their means and I don't think tax payers should have to bail them out.

I recently told a 100 percent Republican that President Bush has enabled the Democrats to have a easy time winning this election. They need to shut him in the White House and tell him to stay there. Especially if Obama gets the nod. The Demos are promising everything under the sun to get your vote.