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Thursday, May 5, 2016

BASIC BIITTNER: Dems shooting themselves in the foot

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Has anyone checked lately to see if Vice President Dick Cheney has switched political parties? The reason I ask is that while Cheney is the guy who accidentally shot his hunting partner a couple of years ago, it seems like the Democrats are the party now misfiring.

Here's my point. The Democratic Party - long perceived as the party of liberal views, promoting racial and sexual equality for all - finds itself on the cusp of making significant political history by nominating either the first African American Presidential candidate or the first female Presidential candidate. A major accomplishment for the country, to be sure, and something many of us never dreamed we'd see happen in our lifetimes.

And yet... lately there seems to be an endless stream of stumbling and bumbling comments by both candidates, as well as by other prominent Democrats, followed by apologies for everything everyone has said or attempted explanations about what was said, claiming to have been quoted out-of-context, etc. The bottom line is, everyone involved better get their **** together, if they don't want the damages caused by this shooting themselves in the foot to become fatal to the potentially historic election.

Let's face it, too. Progress has been made in most "racial" areas since the 1960s, but there is still a long way to go before people can truly become "color blind" or oblivious to someone's sex. I mean, we can deny it all we want, but people do notice if someone is Black, or Hispanic, or Asian, Indian, Native American,et al, and also notice if someone is a man or woman. And I'm sure the ethnic groups mentioned above are painfully aware that some of us are Caucasian, too. Personally, I feel that former representative Ferraro's comment regarding Sen. Obama's candidacy could well be accurate - not politically correct, maybe - but quite probably accurate. Senator Obama is in his first term as a Senator, and, whether he and his supporters like it or not, the fact that he is African American probably HAS played a part in his getting this far... and Senator Clinton is also a first-term Senator with little actual political or governing experience, and she, too, probably benefited by the fact that she is a woman.While we're at it, being a woman in all likelihood had something to with Geraldine Ferraro's selection to run for Vice President in 1984 as well.

Everyone needs to take a step away from things and realize that sometimes "being in the right place at the right time" can be a good thing, and doesn't detract from the fact that the candidate may well actually be qualified, and could well become a great President.

It's time to get back to our nation's problems and making realistic plans to work on solving them.

Dan Whitney
Basic Biittner