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Winding Roads:Show your respect

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Recently I received a telephone call about the large number of folks who don't either know enough or don't care about pulling one's vehicle over when meeting a funeral procession as the bereaved drive to the cemetery. This used to be common courtesy to the family.

It's amazing how this tradition has gone by the way for some as folks must feel they are in such a rush to get where they are going that they can't be late. If they were taking one to a doctor, one could understand if they were in such pain or giving birth.

It's a sad day when we can't give those who died a few minutes of respect by pulling over as they are someone's dad, mom, brother, sister or spouse.

Give it some thought and pass the message on.


Another reason for pulling over is when an emergency vehicle is coming. Ambulances usually are involved with a life or death situation. When following my husband taking a neighbor's wife to Cherokee following the ambulance carrying her husband, I followed him. It was disgusting how many folks didn't pull over or stop. I bet some of these ambulance driver's would like to be able to nudge the vehicle in front of them without causing harm to say it's time to get out of the way. They really don't need the stress of worrying about getting to the hospital before the patient dies. Perhaps the fines should double to drive home how important it is for the safety of all.


I'm also thinking we need to show more respect to those who are giving of themselves to this country. I read an article stating that most Americans are not truly thinking about the impact of this war. Some will never give it much thought as long as they don't know anyone who is over fighting or worst yet, know of someone who has drastically been injured or killed. We go along with our lives and not give much thought about those aching for their loved ones.

We all need to appreciate our freedoms more than we do and seek out to help families with loved ones there, some extra support.

I wonder how many will have mental problems from their service in Iraq or Afghanistan. Many have seen horrible things and I don't know how they will deal with those images. I'm sure they will note the wastefulness of our lives here when they have so little elsewhere.


Respect is a good trait to teach your children. No better way to teach respect than to show it by giving it. Our society would be so much better. We have children not valuing life itself. They need to learn hard work keeps you tuned up and allows you to really appreciate the easier moments in life rather than take them for granted.