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Winding Roads: Parents and children in distress

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Whenever I think we have had a bad week of news for this country, the next week seems to try to outdo it. I don't know where to start.

The 416 children taken control of by the state of Texas will be a challenge for all of those responsible agencies and groups who have the authority to manage what will happen next. These children only know one life style and that apparently didn't include the outside world. The younger children led a simple life. Reports stated there was no play equipment anywhere for them to enjoy.

When asked who their mother was, some did not know while others stated more than one person. Confusion will abound and to answer that one question will take time.

But most of us who have heard about this situation are even more concerned for those children who became mothers by dirty or warped minded older men. How will these young mothers (girls) ever have a life?

I had the misconception that when polygamy was practiced, that it was a mutual agreement for the two to be married with the other wives there for the ceremony. The Latter Day Saints Church of Utah says they no longer practice polygamy. It started when Joseph Smith said to be fruitful and multiply. I would imagine this will be hard for them to manage their public image right now. If one could be sure that these young mothers along with their children could be placed in a Salt Lake City home that had a sense of right and wrong, they could go there. If they want to abandon the original religious background, find a home where they can have their children with them, get them some training or schooling, and set child care while they do this. I'm leary about the fact that they have let some of the men leave that compound in Texas for fear they would go hunting for their so-called wives. I think they could be very mean to them.

I also wonder where the 16 year-old went that reported the whole situation. Is she alive or dead or tied up somewhere? Or was it really one of them or someone who feared what was going on in that compound? Either way, this is a horrible situation and I think there are rumors of other such places in the west. They keep a closed mouth.

The situation is despicable and I can't imagine being so brain washed that I could know something like that was going on with my daughter and abide with it. We need to pray for these young children.

They aren't the only children in this country who need some proper guidance. Teenagers who lie about being beaten to get attention or get someone else in trouble need some parenting. Where are parents' brains when it comes to having children but refuse to take the time to raise them?

I noted several times lately about the small percentage of student graduating from high school in some of our largest cities. Don't people care about their children's future? Around here, we all take much of that for granted wanting our children to have a good education. No wonder we don't have enough people to fill high tech jobs. We are outsourcing many jobs.

Meanwhile, taxpayer's money is going to put a roof over these kid's heads and give them something to eat. They seem to lack pride in being successful. Maybe we should put high school dropouts in some kind of service to put some kind of regiment in their lives. People are too lazy.

Too many folks have caught on to using the system to make their lives easier. There is too much government help where it shouldn't be. It still goes back to family values and family unity. You don't mind helping those who try to get it done but need some help.