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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Winding Roads: Sales abound

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's getting to the time of year when garage sales will start to flourish as well as auctions. I didn't use to go to them as when I worked full-time, I just didn't want to spend my hours on them. I seldom went. Now with more time to snoop through the offerings, it can be a great deal of fun.

I hardly ever go with anything particular in mind to buy. It's just the idea of finding something at a low price and get it for someone. It's just fun to see what you come across. I'm also a people person. I love to watch their behavior.

After a long winter of not going to a sale, we took off and attended a sale which had hoards of what my better half would refer to as "crap." You know, seasonal items to decorate one's house. I felt like a kid in a candy store not knowing which item I should go for first. The main problem is I have oodles of my own and since moving to town, I pawned some off to my kids but even they have begun to reach their limit.

I also tried a garage sale of my own to reduce the inventory. But I'm still wanting to eliminate some to make room for something different. (Yes, I know I'm being manipulated by manufacturers to always want the latest in decorating ideas.) After filling the closets with so much, I just want to shed some.

Anyway, back to going to this first sale of the season. Husband had to keep his foot up but he enjoyed visiting with folks and watching the sales. He noted farm toys went high. Some could have been bought at Bomgaars new for much less.

The thing of it is, one's ability to reason on what you are going to pay goes out the window when you're bidding against you know who and you want it. It becomes a fix to buy the item.

I told my second daughter that I wasn't going to buy anymore Precious Moments. This sale sold 270 of them. All the way over I told myself not to buy any. I sat down front and watched them go piece by piece. Finally my reasoning told me if I could purchase a couple for $12-$15, That would be a good buy. So then I began to eyeball the choices. In time I purchased four of them. But my heart was wanting one with a snowman in the middle and a little boy on each side. It was a larger one and thus, I prepared to go to $50. I wanted it.

Well, you know the story. As soon as I hit $50, I knew it would be $60. Then $70. I looked at my better half to which he replied," If you want it, you bid it." That was no help for me. I had to have time to ease my conscience of spending that much on a figurine. I stopped, and a gal behind me bought it for $75. She leaned down to inform me she hadn't bid until I quit. I thanked her and for five minutes I thought about it. I turned and asked her if she would sell it for $80. The answer was no. Another lesson learned.

There were all sorts of things I could have bought but I kept control of myself. Man, would I like a re-run of that sale!

The thing about garage sales and auctions is that they can have wonderful items of just plain junk. They can have antique buyers present which makes you bid it up. I find it interesting to watch them to get an idea what they think of the value of the item one is considering to own.

One thing for sure, when a sale goes long, there are buys to be found at the end with fewer folks hanging around. Enjoy the oncomng sale season. Maybe I'll see you there.