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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Winding Roads: Ouch!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I can remember about two years (or three) ago when the gas prices started taking off, I wrote that the government will never allow the gas prices to stay in the $2 range. The oil companies were just getting us use to the idea of rising fuel prices. Once they scared us with slightly over $2,50, they'd reduce the price and all of us would be relieve to pay only 50 cents more per gallon. That was the scenario in my brain. Man, how wrong was I?

We will be paying $4 this summer and God only knows where this will stop. $3.50 is here now. I am beginning to start thinking about the cost of fuel every time I jump in the vehicle. I am also slowing down a little and folks who know my habits know I must be getting serious. Filling your tank today and $50 is shot.

I believe that vacation spots will have plenty of space to fill your needs and those prices may drop. Campers will be plentiful as not many folks will want to pull one with fuel so high. Airlines have taken a huge hit and are changing how they operate to deal with it. The older generation may take more bus vacations with groups as the travel costs are greatly reduce by not driving your own vehicle.

I worry about young families and how they are going to make it? They don't have extra money to be tossing around and with fuel making the prices of everything go on the rise, it is a serious situation.

Many folks wish they had voted differently last January as the fighting candidates have grown truly weary and need to address the issues rather than take each other's remarks apart and go negative. McCain says he will get after the deficit by cutting back government and save a trillion dollars by eliminating jobs. He may mean well but good grief, we all know government should be shrink but will it happen? Not in my life time.

So the question remains of what to do about the energy crisis. We are wasteful people and our lifestyle allows us to spend money like water. We aren't conservative which is one reason why I would hate to see us pump oil out of Alaska as it leaves our grandchildren with nothing. Unless the U.S. is forced to conserve, we just don't.

Auto makers don't need 12 years to come up with the answer to get more mileage out of each gallon of fuel. It needs to happen within five. Instead of sending out those government checks, we should have gotten busy rebuilding infrastructure to create good jobs to bring home the bacon. Many of our roads have a good number of potholes and the state will hodge-podge them in.going to pot-holes. Creating good jobs is better than a one-time check.

I think small size towns will reap some benefits of high fuel prices as folks will shop closer to home rather than run to the cities.

Listening to the news is painful with so much in this world going wrong. Where are the folks that want to do what is best for others than just think of themselves?