Theft is 'everything we are not'

Friday, May 9, 2008

We hope the lowlife who took the money bag containing $400 from the recent Crosby, Stills, & Nash Tribute Concert in The Gathering Place in downtown Cherokee put the stolen money to good use, like food for the family, a charitable donation, or much-needed medication for an illness.

But then again, usually the scumbags who steal other people's money aren't too prone to serving mankind or doing anything whatsoever that might benefit others.

What really boggles the mind, though, is that the bold theft came at the end of a fun-filled night of delicious musical entertainment among 250 "friends" united for the single cause of applauding six outstanding talents who delivered the CS&N Tribute as well or better than the original artists ever could.

Randy Martin, the CS&N show's founder and lead band member, has been quoted in a Letter to the Editor saying, "I did not feel as angry, as I was disappointed. The taking of the bag is everything we are not."

Think about that folks.

A Sioux City transplant to the Quimby area, Randy, as are many of us, is a child of the 1960s when peace, love, and harmony governed our lives. As bad as the growing drug culture was in those days, with many admittingly "checking out" due to a great disgust for our own government's doings, the really good was the fact that "those damn hippies" loved their fellow man and only wanted to share their good will and fortune with others, not sneak out the door in the dark of night with their wallet, purse, or money bag.

To think that the creep(s) who stole the CS&N money might live in Cherokee County, taints us all with a black mark of greed and dishonesty.

To Randy, Jimmy, Charlie, Steve, Jim, and Jamie who comprise the local "Daylight Again" band performing the CS&N Tribute, we can only apologize and say how sorry we are that people like that are in our midst.

The best news coming out of the theft also came from Randy Martin when he said, "To my old friends and new friends, nothing is diminished. I am proud to be a part of this community. I wish you all peace and love. Do good works and take care of each other."

To the thief: Be somebody. Return the money. You not only broke the law, you broke the hearts of all of us in attendance that night and cast a miserable shadow over two of this town's brightest lights - The CS&N Tribute Band, and The Gathering Place.

Thanks for hanging with us, Randy. We're glad you know we're really good for each other.