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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Winding Roads: Is this spring?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm still waiting for a day when I can start sweating shortly after moving about in the morning getting daily chores done. We haven't really had any warm weather yet and in another five weeks, the days will start getting shorter. Doesn't seem like we will have much of a summer at this rate unless it just hits us with a blast. The heat comes on every morning at our house to take the chill off. Can't even have the windows open to enjoy the fresh air. Probably won't need much air at this rate.

Being an old farmer's wife, i wonder how good the growing season is going to be. Farmers have been fortunate not to have to dry much grain the last couple of years but I wonder if that might change. Either that or we will hope for a late fall.

Our weather pattern is not the same as years ago. One wonders how high insurance premiums may go for some who's home or business was ruined by tornados and such. There is much damage across the country which includes fires and floods. what a mess!

Then when we see film of the destruction in the Far East and China, it makes one feel thankful that our homes are safe and intact. Mother nature can rule the roost regardless of how many fine inventions and modern technology we possess. I just mentally try to think of a total dollar estimate and wonder where all the money is going to come from to make these situations better. The truth is that no amount of dollars can right what these poor folks are going through.

I do think we need to offer all the help we can. We can show these countries that the U.S. is a loving country and hopefully build some trust. That is one thing I feel is lacking in Iraq or Afghanistan. I'm still not convinced our efforts will see some success on a permanent basis. China's people do like to imitate Americans and I do feel we need to reach out.


To move on to another irritating issue. I couldn't believe my ears. We simple folks are just hoodwinked every day by our elected officlals in D.C. When their days of serving the public are over and they wish to move on to being a lobbyist, they can just take all the money left in their campaign bank accounts and use it as they wish to enhance their role as a lobbyist. We are talking millions that folks have donated to their campaigns.

We need to outlaw such actions and have that money drop into the U.S. Treasury or better yet, just simply limit the money that rolls through these campaigns. Think--Hillary is in debt over $20 million as I write this. What do you think the office of President is worth? Old Bill will try to make that up in speaking engagements or giving his opinions to boards of whatever. I hope his popularity drops like a rock. That is nuts that much money is spent on campaigns. Our offices are being sold left and right. I for one am sick of it.