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Friday, May 6, 2016

Winding Roads: What is our priority?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is important for the economy? Most folks would say the price of oil is putting a choke-hold on our economy. When Bush took us to war, I don't know if they realized just how much of an effect it all would have on oil and what a snowball effect it would have on just about everything.

Airlines have been the butt of many jokes and are taking a huge hit. Their line of defense to stay in business is to cut the number of flights and charge more for extra luggage. Can you remember when they backed off feeding passengers a light lunch? Now it will be "what lunch?" There are fewer planes in the sky as their fuel cost has more than doubled.

Then there are the car manufacturing plants, which have cut production way back onf SUV's and pickups. Who is going to drive them when gas gets to $5 a gallon? Several thousand jobs are now lost and we may have yet to see how bad it will get.

Bikes are becoming popular and on the plus side, people will become more physically fit. Not only are people pedaling them to work but they are running other errands on the two-wheeled mode of transportation. I know I don't quite jump into the car and just go at no thought. Many are thinking twice before they turn the car key.

Many will still go camping but they will go to locations closer to home rather than drive a good distance. One friend said it cost him $70 to go 55 miles. He doesn't plan on doing that too often. This might be a good thing for small towns as folks just won't go to the city when they know they can get it locally. Others are just simply cutting back on their spending and not buying without a true need. Folks are worried about what is coming down the turnpike.

Now our country's enemies are going to start blaming us for their poor people going without food. Just remember that the farmer only gets from 5 to 10 cents for each box of corn flakes. Manufacturing, labor and transportation take the rest. Let me back up. It's companies making money for their stockholders is where the money is going.

Oil-you can't eat it. Perhaps we ought to leverage food for oil. Then this country would be seen as heartless.

I would hope that the need for developing alternative fuels and what to do about global warming would take a front seat in the upcoming election. I don't care what churches the candidates attend or what they all did in their past. More than one U.S. citizen has given his life for this country. Thus instead of arguing about inconsequential items, let's get down to some serious ideas of what this country should do to reclaim its financial and moral balance.

Lobbyists need to go. They have too much influence on how our leaders vote. Voters need to put pressure on our elected officials and forget what party they belong to. Put a definite clamp on how much money is spent on elections. Look up the salary of the President of the U.S. and then add up what has been spent for someone to win that seat. Then ask yourself why spend all that money for a campaign. Must be those side-benefits from who you know and who you do favors for.

They always said that in the thirties and forties when times were tough, families hung together. Everyone had a hard time making ends meet and thus, no one was embarrassed when they did struggle.

I sometimes think that would be good for today's society when we are used to having so much.

In the next few months our country will decide what its priority will be. Food for thought.