A memorable day

Thursday, June 12, 2008

An important anniversary has come and gone without much recognition. It wasn't until a staff member at the office asked, "Did we do anything for D-Day in the paper?" that we thought about the June 6 anniversary of the most significant victory for the Allies during World War 11.

The question was asked on Friday, which was the 64th anniversary of the Allied D-Day invasion of German occupied Normandy in northern France.

Thousands of deaths occurred as American, British, Canadian and Free French forces carried out amphibious landings at five beaches.

The invasion was dramatized in the 1962 movie "The Longest Day" and later in the 1998 movie "Saving Private Ryan." Because of the movie producers' concern for the sensibilities of a broad audience, the "Longest Day" showed a more sanitized depiction of the event than what was seen in the R rated "Saving Private Ryan." That latter movie accurately showed a beach covered with the bodies of soldiers and even incorporated an actual film clip from the day of the invasion showing a soldier picking up his own severed arm.

An offensive of this type by such a massive force against such an entrenched foe will not likely ever occur again. We hope it doesn't.

The least we can do for those whose lives paid for a crucial victory in a noble struggle is to remember the day.