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Winding Roads: Observations on the weather

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The other day I was sitting out in my yard enjoying the lovely day, as there have been so few of them. My mind drifted back to the days on the farm when the kids were young. We used to have friends come over and play volleyball. They used to love coming and would comment on how our yard was just like a park. We had plenty of trees and flowers with space to spare.

Suddenly like a light bulb turning on, I started looking around to discover how beautiful my present yard and area is. The grass is a luscious green and there are certainly enough trees to provide shade. From our backyard, i can see the Methodist Church yard combined with the neighbors, make for lovely surroundings.

As I was checking this out, I was surprised to see not one or two squirrels dashing about but eight of them. A couple were swinging from a branch while a couple of others were dashing up a large tree and three more were chasing each other around through our rhubarb patch. I thought, good grief. i went inside and told my better half we should do something to discourage that many playing in our back yard. Well, i shouldn't have been concerned. It wasn't long and they dashed across to the church yard and before I knew it, they were out of sight.

I will say the rain has been grand for my flowers and they are finally taking hold. We have a peaceful area to live in.

On Wednesday morning when we all were awakened with thunder and pouring rain, I was truly delighted that we no longer farm. i have great sympathy for farmers this season as the weather just seems to be against getting the crops to grow. I doubt if much corn will be knee high by the fourth. Let's just hope the rain stops without giving as a drought in late July. It seems our weather is always going to extremes in these later years.

I still don't feel too sorry for those losing their homes to rivers. They should not be built that close. Either that or you just take that risk. I also wonder who should pay for cleaning out the rivers of all that refuse. I know it's heartbreaking yet part of me says it's a big risk to build where Mother nature can rule.

Many can't believe what it would be like to lose your child during a camp week. It is heart wrenching and as one commentator noted, the cream of the crop was in attendance. It certainly gives proof that one never knows what the future will hold. Whatever lesson there is in this situation remains to be learned. One needs to always show their love and sentiments with their children so you don't hear yourself say, 'I wish-----". We need to keep those young men and their families in our prayers as only they know what a nightmare they experienced.