Keep alert for opportunity

Monday, June 30, 2008

Profiting from people's misfortune sounds like a terrible thing to do but that is sometimes a worthwhile objective.

In truth, medical staff, law enforcement officers, funeral directors and numerous emergency service professionals make a living because bad things happen to people.

People in those professions strive to make things better when disaster strikes. So should people who promote economic development in the Cherokee area.

Hundreds of small businesses have had assets destroyed because of floods and other natural disasters this year. Many small business owners will be looking for new locations to start over.

Not every business would be a good fit for the Cherokee area. Some retail businesses would only compete with established businesses for a limited market while it would be difficult to accommodate a large manufacturing operation. A small to medium manufacturing operation ofering reasonably good pay would be ideal.

Of course contacting people who have recently experienced disaster requires a great deal of tact, perhaps an indirect approach. We need to remain alert for whatever opportunities arise.