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Tom Wurth returns as Fair Headliner

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tom Wurth
Marcus native Tom Wurth's, now a Nashville recording artist, came back to Cherokee to perform at last year's Cherokee County Fair, and wil be returning again this year for an encore.

Wurth's first CD on Big 7/Lofton Creek Records, the self-titled "Tom Wurth," has yielded two hit singles, "Bread On the Table" and "Good Ground," both of which reflect his "country boy" upbringing in rural Iowa. Wurth's parents, Joe and Peg, were both K-8 teachers when he was growing up, and his dad is still teaching special education in Marcus, though Mom is now working at the LeMars Public Library.

Tom Wurth has been keeping busy in Nashville. In addition to touring and promoting his CD and its latest single, "Good Ground," which rose to #24 on the country charts, Wurth is an award-winning composer and this year he co-produced, with John Ford Coley, the single "Gimme Some Water" and three other tracks for labelmate Eddie Money's forthcoming CD, "The Other Side of Money."

Wurth has been a resident of Nashville since 1994, and says he likes to get back here as often as he can, though that has usually only been once a year "at a big old family reunion." He was very clear that he does NOT miss the snow in Iowa, and finds it extremely amusing when just the forecast of snow prompts school closings and general panic in Tennessee.

Wurth says he is currently in the "song selection" process for a second album, and has composed several songs for inclusion. His goal is to get back in the studio by this fall. He emphasized that performing on stage is really just a small part of his life - or any other recording artist's life, for that matter. He has been on a "radio tour" for quite a while now, traveling to radio stations around the country to sing (sometimes at 7 a.m.) and promote his music. Tom said he has traveled as far away as northern Wisconsin on this radio tour and has put thousands of miles on his van. When he earlier spent all his time touring to performances, he said it would be for 200-250 days a year or more. Wurth said that, in general, he loves to drive, and will enjoy the drive through the countryside on his way back home to Iowa for his Cherokee County Fair performance.

Despite his living out of state for more than a decade now, Tom Wurth spoke of Iowa and Iowans with obvious pride and affection. He said that he had no doubt the people in Iowa would handle the aftermath of the recent floods and tornadoes with their usual resolve and hard work. When he first came to Nashville in '94, Wurth said that, like any struggling young artist, he worked a variety of jobs - washing dishes and waiting tables, for example - while he worked on "breaking into" the music business. He said he never had a problem getting a job "once I told them I was from Iowa," because of the well-deserved reputation of Iowans are people who possess a strong work ethic.

Following is a review of the CD "Tom Wurth," from the All-Music Guide :

'Reading Tom Wurth's bio - picking beans on the farm, learning about music from Dad, and experiencing the miraculous hand of God -- one might gain the impression that he was born to sing country music. Wurth's clean-cut good looks and pressed jeans, however, reveal a more contemporary image, an image reflected in the contemporary country sounds of Tom Wurth.

"She's Still There" is an easy-flowing ballad, shot through with nostalgia about a moment frozen in time. As the narrator shows his lover-girlfriend-wife a photo of his ex-sweetheart (Emma), he imagines her exactly as she was at 17 and juxtaposes her life in Oklahoma against the lives of her friends, scattered everywhere and living out their dreams. The surprise comes at the song's end when the listener learns that Emma has died. "Good Ground" celebrates a father's vision of renewal, born out of a piece of land and deep roots.

Wurth has chosen a tuneful batch of songs, and his smooth vocals are resonant, though more mannered than felt. Many of these songs, with guitar, steel guitar, and piano arrangements, wouldn't be out of place on CMT or contemporary country radio. Combing nostalgia with the ups and downs of love, Tom Wurth and his friends have put together a solid recording tailor-made for contemporary country lovers.'

Tom Wurth will again headline the Friday night show in the Main Arena at this year's Cherokee County Fair, starting at 8 p.m. Audience members are welcome to bring their own lawn chairs if they prefer to have an up-close view of the show (or want to dance).

Be ready to hear everything from the music of Hank Williams (Sr., that is) to some more rockin' stuff from Wurth and his kick-*** band. This group of Nashville veterans - Leon Watson on bass, Chris Logan on guitar, Al Babyok on keyboards and Tim Patterson on drums - have, individually, backed up many Nashville performers, including Toby Keith and TG Sheppard, and have been Tom Wurth's backing group for several years.

Tom says they are a not only a wonderful group of musicians , but all great guys, too. "We have a saying down here," he said, "you can turn a group of great guys into a good band, but you can't turn a good band into a group of great guys."

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